Friday, May 7, 2010

So stinkin' tired from moving....around!

I didn't "move", I just in: around the house!  Vacation sure can take it out of a girl like me!  In the background they're talking about The Riverbank Run here in our city, it's making me want to take a nap!  I need a job people!  I worked my tootie off finishing laundry on Monday and then that was all she wrote... I have done NOTHING this week!  Well, I've chatted my face off on facebook, emailed, talked on the phone and caught up on my tv watching... Can you say slacker?  I have too much time and really am feeling the need to give back (I can hear my friend Chronicles of Chris saying "who are you kidding?"), but I'm needing a purpose besides screaming at darling to get ready for school, I mean what will I do all summer if that's my only reason to get out of bed... perhaps I'll put her in summer school so my vocal cords don't weaken!  
Happy Mother's Day Weekend!
To those of you that are mothers and to those of you that have mothers or those of you that had mothers...
I wish for you a weekend of enjoying your children, or dreaming of those to come.
A time of finding the good in your own mother or the happy memories with moms that are no longer with us!
I feel SO blessed to have this little girl in my life!
She truly has given me something I never knew I was missing before I met her!
4th of July 07
with my mom in Chicago.
My mom has "weird eyes" because I always tease her about being afraid the devil will steal her soul if she looks into the lens of a camera, so she's proving to me she CAN do it!  Looks like darling is now afraid of that!
Darling and her "GG"-Great Grandma (who will be 101 in july!!)
Yes, Darling has a broken arm in this picture...the wagon MIGHT have been going too fast in a bumpy yard- don't ask, I STILL feel bad!

South Carolina Spring Break 2008
Hanging out with some friends in their dingy...
thinking of running off with the Carni's!
Just landed in Maui (& Darling MAD that she had to wear itchy flowers!)
2 peas in a POD!
Oh little girl, do you even know how lucky you are?  I hope this picture will prove it when you're a teen and begin to wonder...

I chose to adopt, it was the best decision I EVER made.  I'm always looking to spread the word on how many wonderful children are out there looking for their Forever Family- hey, maybe THAT is my purpose?!!  IF you've ever thought about it for a second, I encourage you to step out in faith and research this wonderful experience!
If you are interested at all (or think you might be) in China I encourage you to check out the agency I used:

(they have added other countries besides China, so check them out!)
The number of children that go to bed without someone to say "good night and I love you forever" breaks my heart.
So, all I'm saying is: think about it, say a prayer and see where it leads you!

Oh geesh I'm feeling all sappy, must mean I'm going to get my period!
Have a great weekend friends!!

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Angela said...

Gosh, that was so sweet! Now I am teary eyed and going to look at the website (just out of curiosity) Maybe, that is your purpose!

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