Monday, May 17, 2010

Mama needs a nap!

Well, not really... I don't like naps, but I had a busy weekend!
The Mister got a boatload of mulch and in Michigan you gotta make hay while the sun shines or shovel mulch, whatever the case may be!
Don't be jealous of my outfit...jealousy is any ugly thing.
These are my "poop boots".  I had to get them because our old dog (RIP) use to poop giant poops RIGHT where I walked in the yard.  I hear these are boots for KIDS that live on farms, they call them "barn boots".
So how happy am I with my newish yard?!
New Lavender rose:
Lupines (do you have one? go get some! they spread, come up every year and are gorgeous!)
it made a baby:
then I tore out that plastic trim by our front walk:
After all the mulch and stones we went and got tile for our backsplash.  We ran to Home Depot, Menards, Lowes and some tile shop!  I wanted to make sure I didn't pick the 1st one I saw because I knew in 2 weeks I'd find another that I wished I got.  There was one place that we didn't go because I KNEW I'd go into tile overload!  We ended up with the 1st tile I saw.  We had to go to 2 different Lowe's stores 3 times to get all that we needed- apparently it's been pretty popular!
We're going to do the tumbled marble and then cut the little glass/marble mosaics and insert them randomly.
The Mister is really excited to cut around ALL the outlets:
1, 2
4, 5
6, 7
While we were at Home Depot we parked next to this van:
It seems that perhaps they're having some trim trouble... The Mister wondered if it whistled while it went down the road?!  I feel bad for this person, I think they need a glue gun, but the Mister's comment struck me so funny i just cracked up again while typing it!
We went to Target, I got new PJ's
I like the pink ones better but they didn't have the pants in my size (they had stars instead of stripes) the Mister said "you've got enough pink already"
All in all it was a productive weekend, which i like!
I've decided I need all new Stainless appliances, so I'm going down to the studio because at the rate I sell things in my etsy shop it's going to take 72 years to make enough $$!
Have a great day!!
Here's my little plug about the BABY HAT DRIVE 
As most of you know, my daughter was adopted from China and I left a little piece of my heart there.  I'm collecting hats to keep the children and babies warm in the winter.  Many live in orphanages that are without heat.
1. make a baby hat, toddler hat, or kid sized hat (you can take the non-crafty way out and buy one if you must)
2. email me at: for my address.
3. I'll take care of shipping them to CHINA next fall.
any questions- please feel free to email me!!


Funny in My Mind said...

I adore my LG stainless appliances!
We still have lots of mulch left over and I have lots of lazy and don't want to mess with it.
Everything looks fab- I love the glass tiles.
One of these days I am going to do something with the kitchen too, just don't know where to begin.

Melanie said...

Love the yard! Any flower that comes back and spreads is a nice flower. I also like the boots. It is good to guard against poop.

You would be happy to know that the construction workers are back in my hard. They just finished their lunch in my driveway and are doing something, but I don't know what.

I have the nightie that goes with your pj's. Mine are in blue because I am not a pink girl.

Oh, and your granite is the exact same as mine except mine is the single slab. We are too alike!

Ummm... Did you say you don't like naps? I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Angela said...

Great tile choice! I love tumbled marble!! I also seriously laughed out loud at the van trim comment!! I bet that son of a gun slaps and pops all the way down the highway!

And no, :((( I have not found my book. Well I have but they want like $90 for it- used! So, no- I have not found my book! I did order the 2008 version but want the newest one!

CP said...


Dear Mister?

Enough Pink? I think not. Never enough pink! LOL

Love the cute PJ's!

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