Thursday, May 6, 2010

The trip is coming to an end...

Ok, here is the last of my trip...
I hope I'm not boring you with the last few days... There are no more cracks or hairy backs, no more beaded hair or rat trap snares, no more farts or tawdry tarts...
All I know is that I have to get this posted and move on.... literally as in, move on to something else here at home!  I did NOTHING yesterday... NOTHING!  I hate days like that!  I got dressed after chatting and emailing the day away and by that time I had to go pick up darling from school.  Maybe I need a job.  Here are my requirements:
-work 2 days per week
-work from 9 am to 3 pm
-make $80,000 a year
-nothing involving prostitution or general nudity
If you hear of something that might fit the bill, let me know!  
Ok, so the last couple days were really hard work on the cruise...
water slides:
blue water:
our room was the very back of the boat this year.  last year we were at the very front, I think they moved us to the back after the Captain looked out (from the glass room where they steer the boat) to see the Mister standing on our balcony in his boxer shorts!
Lobster Dinners:
Don't I look TALL standing next to our waiter?
Good Friends:
Shakin' our $ makers:
making sure we know where our Xanax is for the flight home!!
It was a GREAT trip and I'm already ready for next year!!!  We're headed to 4 of the best beaches in the WORLD!!  whoo-hoo!
Ok, I gotta shut up and do something today!!
Have a great day and WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!!!


Danielle said...

you are so hysterical! LOVE IT! so happy you had a great time! :-)

Funny in My Mind said...

How cute are you?
Love the little black dress!

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