Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello Monday!

Hello New  Followers!
Did you have a nice weekend?
Darling and I went shopping and for some reason, filled her closet with more cute stuff!
Do you know of Crazy 8?
There is just TOO much cute stuff for little girls!  Maybe for boys too, but since we're a 1 girl home we didn't look.
Here's a peek at just a bit of what we got
Dogs in glasses?! How can you say no?  Especially when the "glasses" are clear sequins!!
Long sleeve tee with a faux bib necklace!
Sparkle shoes in black to go with the doggy T and a pair of grey sweats (UGH!!!!) that I caved on!
This girl of mine is ALL about comfort, I hope she's not setting herself to be attacked by Clinton and Stacey at some point (WHAT NOT TO WEAR for those of you that aren't sure who those 2 are!).  

Then we went to see MEGA Mind with the Mister

On Sunday I started a blanket for Darling because I like to have 100 different crochet projects going on at one.
That's about it, nothing too exciting, but then again I'm still recovering- geesh! I think I'm finally getting better!
Ok, I better go do something exciting so I have something to post tomorrow!
Perhaps run through town wearing only my mask...
Oh, who am I kidding, it's way too cold!
Have a great day, smell ya later!


Felicity said...

Those shoes rock!
I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )


Jacqueline Gikow said...

Love the poster from Megamind!

Angela said...


Love the dog in glasses, I will have to go take a look - I always have a fashionista niece that I need to start stockpiling Christmas gifts for. Love the mask :)

cb said...

such cute shoes!! love them! great mask too :)


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