Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bon Qui Qui and other Random Goodness!

Random Goodness for Today!!
1. Ok, I think this is HILARIOUS!!
(seriously????? you can't watch it here???? Oh jeesh...)
Bon Qui Qui at King Burger (MAD tv)
I WILL CUT YOU if you don't think the same!

2. I've been on a "jean kick".  I'm often on a "kick"... do you know what I mean?  A kick means I become ALL ABOUT something, perhaps it's just a nicer way of saying a compulsive behavior? :)
BUT, let me share my little jean KICK secret...
Don't Judge me and my USED jeans!! Yes, I washed them ALL before I wore them!!!!
 When you are 4 foot 11-3/4 inches tall, you have to HUNT for jeans!!  Yeah, you can check the kids dept, but sometimes a 12 year old is just built different than a 41 year old.  Last year I told my Mister "I have 2 pair of jeans and I hate them!"  Off we went on "the hunt".  We shopped everywhere from Target to TJ Maxx to Norstrom Rack, to EVERY SINGLE STORE at the mall!  The very last stop was Express where I found 1 single pair that fit for $90!  I'm quite sure at the time I could have talked him into buying me 10 pair at that price if they would have fit!!  It's exhausting and beyond frustrating!  2 weeks ago for some strange reason I though I should check ebay for jeans (with a 28 inch inseam) and what do ya know! 
Let's just say there was a package in the mail for me every single day!!
a few things I have learned:
1. make sure you know what brand "fits" you, know your inseam size and check the sellers measurements!!
2. check the brands websites and make sure you're not getting outdated "MOM" jeans
3. make sure you know what "destroyed jeans" means!! (think jeans with NO knees)
4. your favorite name brands are available (LOTS of American Eagle, Gap, and Abercrombie!)
5. the best thing I've learned: pre-worn jeans can be bought for  as low as .99 (& usually ship for around $5!!)

 Random item #3...I've fallen in LOVE with Gray and Yellow.
2 colors I kinda hate and 2 colors (although if you want to get technical, Gray is NOT a "color", it's a shade) I swear do NOT go together...

who would have thought?

4. Random and Funny Photo
That would be Darling wearing "I love cookies" PJ's, her robe, MY boots and hat taking her dog out for a late night potty break on a rainbow shoelace while carrying 2 old (stinky) turkey brats out to the cats...

5. I will be making these ASAP!  and if you're in LOVE with avocado's like yours truly, you will too!

Whewww, that was Random!!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Ah! We love Bon Qui Qui! We are always saying, "Rude!" to each other. :-) Ebay. . .is there any other place to buy jeans? That's where I buy most of mine too! We have a place called Clothes Mentor here too and they always have designer jeans for cheapy. You'll have to check it out next time you visit Uncle Tweeter! ;-) How's Photoshop coming along?

chinamommy said...

Ummm, thanks for NOT sharing(ebay jeans)... RUDE!! haha!
photoshop...i just sit and stare at the screen while it mocks me

Angela said...

Aubrey and I love Bon Qui Qui! It has been a while since I have seen her - I tell you- when I worked at the restaurant I wish I could have acted like her sometimes!

I just did a major closet cleaning and took all kinds of stuff to the resale shop. Now, I have 2 pairs of jeans. One with a hole in the knee and one that I don't really like but they are only a couple of weeks old so I couldn't justify the resale shop. I think I will go over to eBay and take a look. I bought a pair from there years ago and they were so odd - they were bow-legged! I am not kidding they looked just like one of those cowboy statues. No matter how may times I washed them they always came out like that- so I never tried to buy jeans there again.

Kristen said...

oh my gosh, gray and yellow! That's my absolute fav. color combo.

Also - jeans on ebay - I never thought of that before! I'm very tall so also have trouble finding jeans that fit me well. I'm off to look for my precious Levis that I love so much. Thanks for the tip!

Funny in My Mind said...

I like the gray and yellow combo.
Shop online at American Eagle, I buy my tall skinny kids their jeans there.

Naomi Rose said...

thanks for the mention lovely <3

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