Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I LOVE Political Ads... yeah, right!

Well, if you aren't ready to pull out EVERY hair on your body in frustration of the 9 billion political ads running every 2 seconds, then you are a stronger person than me (or you don't have a television in your home)!!   Regardless of how crazy the ads are making you... get your booty out there and
 and then when you get home, pour a glass of wine and celebrate the end of the ads... for a while anyway!
As you know, the deadline for my Baby/Kid Hat drive has arrived and...
Let me just say my ❤❤HEART❤❤ is overjoyed at the hats I've received for the little kiddo's in China!!  The generosity of people that don't even know me (and some that do), or these kids....it makes me a bit weepy with JOY!  I want to give a proper shout out to the contributors and take pictures...so stayed tuned tomorrow for that post!  AND, if you didn't get in on the hat drive this year... FEAR NOT!  I'm going to do it again, feel free to send hats ANYTIME!!!  My big push will be again next summer, but I have a special closet I keep them all in, so send away!
(handmade, store bought, gently used, baby, kid, teen...ALL are welcome!!)


Angela said...

I am so glad your baby hat drive was a success!!

chinamommy said...

Yes, I'm excited to share all the goodies tomorrow!!!

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