Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seriously, Could people be any nicer?

Look at that cutie banner....the not fitting part is my fault.  BUT, isn't it cute?? Don't ya know my long lost sister, Angela (Gingers Girl/Pickles on Pizza), made it for me!!!  I've got an SOS out to blogspot help, so someday this blog might look "put together", until then let's just focus on how stinkin' nice people can be!!    
2 words:
(check below each picture to find out which sweetie sent what!!)
Look at those tiny little the little flower!
Don't you know this makes me want another little girl SO BAD??!!
and check out her blog... she's gonna be famous, trust me!
from Kim...
lucky for a little gal in China this didn't fit her new grand baby!  I wish you could see Darling in this hat... hee, hee!!  It's so cute on!!

I seriously SQUEALED when this came in the mail!!! Those little elf shoes??
 Cat Can Crochet
Go visit this sweetie!! I bought a pattern from her on etsy, she is super helpful, kind, sweet, and talented! love this girl!!

Wish you could see this in person!! Beautiful wool and her stitches?!  
PERFECTION!!  Her shop is FULL of gorgeous baby items!!
(not sure she wants her name out there...)
Can you believe all these??
Seriously, this crochet mama went crazy!!  I jumped up and down when the Mister brought these 2 BIG packages home!!  Can you even imagine she's already asking if she can make more for next year?

and... MY Mama!!
Yep, chinaGrandma made all these little knit caps on her magic knitting hoop/ring/thingy!  I think she was knitting these all the way to Montana to see Pilot boy (my youngest brother).  You put this woman on a task and you better WATCH OUT!!
To say my heart is full is an understatement!  You know I'm not real sappy, but God truly put the kids of China on my heart.  I could just weep seeing all these hats and knowing some precious little child will be that much warmer.  I'm sure they'll feel the love right through that gorgeous head of black hair!!
I'm going to put a disposable camera in the box and pray someone takes some pictures!!!!  
I can't thank you enough...really I can't!
But just so you know, in my mind I am buying each of you a white Range Rover and we're all going to Maui to sit on the pure white sand, sip a drink of our choice and listen to the ocean!
Oh, wouldn't that be fabulous?!
Love you gals!!!
❉ ❉❤❉ ❉ November is National Adoption Month ❉ ❉❤❉ ❉


Angela said...

All of the hats are so cute - was it too obvious who can't knit in the group :)

I am glad you like the banner and glad you got it on there - but you do not have to by any means feel obligated to use it.

Have a great day - your hat post warmed my heart too! I would say your hat drive was a huge success!

chinamommy said...

No, not obvious AT ALL! :) It doesn't matter a bit- a hat is a hat!!! Thanks for joining in!! I love the banner you made and it's staying till I figure out basically for the next 20 years!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

First of all I am so jealous of your new header-I want something cute so badly, but am all thumbs when it comes to that-Grrr.....

Second of all, all of those hat's are fabulous! What an amazing person you are to do this and how generous are the people that made them and donated-WOW!

Makes me all warm inside.

~kjirsten~ said...

I so enjoyed making these hats!!!! Im already on the ball for next year!!!! ;)


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