Friday, November 19, 2010

Poppin' in for a QUICKIE!

Ok, I seriously have a LOT to do today!  I know, I know...who would have thought?!  I like to waste my time all year so I can freak out around the holidays!!
Speaking of "freaking out"...
 My darling lost her 1st tooth last night.  It was a night filled with drama, crying, more drama and some $.  GOOD GRIEF!  This girl is not usually a drama queen, but last night she was certainly tryin' on the CROWN!
 Now, let me assure you, we were in NO way hurting this child!!!  This tooth has been loose AT LEAST 9 months!!  It had turned grey (ewww!) and was hanging on by a piece of skin so tiny you would only be able to view if you have the Hubble telescope at your disposal!  Below you can see the HUGE wound left in her mouth...just ask her, it's like the Grand Canyon!  Yes, the puffy eyes are from over-the-top dramatic crying...
 Here you can see why she was so upset, I mean seriously, this thing has like a 9 inch root on it!  Haha!  Can you believe how TINY that tooth is!!  I have NO idea how she kept it in her mouth as long as she did.  This little tooth holds a special place in my heart - it is one of 2 that she had in her mouth when she became my daughter at 11 months.
Daddy gave her $5 for her "pain and suffering" and the tooth fairy?!  Well she got suckered for another $5!
She has 2 more loose right now... I don't know that I can take the drama, but at least I know it won't happen for another 9 months!
Have a drama-free weekend!!
I'm off to my studio, but here's one more little ornament I'll be listing in my etsy shop today:


Angela said...

I read this early today and just realized I never commented :(

I love how dramatic she was over the tooth - so cute! But, now that she got paid for "pain and suffering" you better believe she will turn on the drama next time for sure!

Renee said...

Oh, I had to laugh. Liv was the exact same way with her first lost tooth. I took her to her dad's and told him to tie a string around it and he gave it a little tug and it was gone. Before that you would have thought she was the first kid who ever had a loose tooth.

The next one she lost we were eating at Golden Corral and it just fell out, she just handed it to me and told me the tooth fairy would want it:)

The tooth fairy left her some special golden $2 coins a couple times and a hand written note with diamond dust (for the time she said the fairy needed to leave a diamond for the tooth).

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