Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, HELLO!!

Does it seems like it's been a while since we last chatted?
Hope you had a drama-free Thanksgiving, because isn't that the goal of the holidays?!  My cousin had her brand new baby girl at our get together...She is just beautiful!!  The pictures of her... yeah, they're on the "good" camera and you know how I can't figure that whole deal out!  
I want to show you some good you have ceiling fans?  You need to meet my new BFF, Fannie!
If your ceiling fans are like mine, they like to suck all the dust out of the air and keep them on their blades, which, in a way, is kind of nice.  Fannie is fabulous, just slip her over the blades and scrub the dust off! HINT: do not look up with your eyes and mouth wide open!
Darling and I went to see this (in 3D)

I made this for my etsy shop: chinamommy
Corset Coffee Cozy!!
i like it, i like it!
and I got myself a little "cyber Monday" present (Shhhh!!!)
what is it?
go here and see for yourself, AND if you decide you MUST have one, email me at: and I'll share a special discount code with you... but it's good ONLY today!
Here's the link to check it out:
Have a great day, I'm thinking about getting started on the Christmas decor later today with Darling.  Have you started yet?  I'm thinking I need to do all PINK and SILVER... I saw some ornaments yesterday that made me re-think everything I own...but then again, that happens EVERY year!
Happy Monday!


Melody said...

Super cute cozy :)

chinamommy said...

why, thank you!!

Tina G said...

Cute blog! I love your new BFF Fannie. I have something like that for my vacuum. It's a life saver. I hate to turn on my fan and it start snowing dust!
You have a new follower!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

We almost went to see Tangled-maybe we'll catch it this coming weekend.

I am going to have to get a fannie-What a great idea. By the way is that a Black Apple print by Emily Martin in the background of the pic of you and Fannie? Just being nosy-HA!

Lovin' that cozy!

chinamommy said...

Hi Tina G!! Welcome :)

chinamommy said...

BofB: you will LOVE Fannie and yes, that is a print by the lovely Emily of The Black Apple! We are big fans of hers and have a couple :)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

I thought that was-Don't you just love here!!!

Here's the pic that I bought, five days after we repurchased our home.

The little bees circling the mama's hive dress reminded me of bringing my little ones back home and it now hangs in our bedroom. I love her style!

Here's the link to my blog with the print I purchased from The Black Apple-See

Have a super day, CM!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Love the Fannie!!!

I am going to haul my three trees out tomorrow and get to crackin'! I can't wait to see your pics with your decorations. You are too stinkin' cute in your pic with the Fannie!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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