Friday, August 14, 2009

Be Still my Beating Heart...

Are you like me... one of those people that COULD totally get sucked into the world of Billy Mays (RIP Billy 1958-2009)? courtesy of this website... IF you dare to go, it is NOT for the faint of heart, or the proper, or the normal, or... Let me just say: you've been warned!!)
i'm guess that tattoo refers to this genius idea: the Big Top Cupcakes. Who wants a boring cake when you can have one that looks like a giant cupcake!! SOOO cute! Totally something i feel i must have. Think of my parties, think of how all the kids would be jealous that they got a store bought cake & my daughter got a big top cupcake cake! I'd be the talk of the town, i'm sure of it!! This is for sure an item i would use once & never again... i'm willing to admit it, not that it makes me want it any less!
Bumpits... with these i would be more popular & more beautiful than ever, i could go to prom with the best hair, dance with the cutest guys and... i'm NOT joking i believe this people! I'm telling you: I HAVE A PROBLEM!I don't know about the BUTLER toilet seat set, nor do i want too... this one is just creepy... i like the ad though- where they call him a 3-D moustached "Gent"
Here is one i OWN & let me tell you, i LOVE it! i just checked the site & it is no longer available... seriously? i LOVE this thing & use it tons. IF you are a germ-a-phobe, it's a must have, check ebay! I give it 2 thumbs up, WAY up! (Oh wait, after more "research" i found it's been replaced with "The Monster 1200 Cleaning Machine" I'd add the picture but then it just screws up the placement of all my other pictures & i have to drag it down, delete the space it left behind at the top... blah, blah, blah... it's orange & seems to be the same?)
Now this one i love just for the commercial: the craft-lite cutter. Have you seen that crazy chick that can't cut out her poor kids school pictures? I mean unless she has some debilitating illness, is it even possible to cut THAT bad? A MUST HAVE as far as i'm concerned for EVERY crafty person or those who are just flunked "cutting" in school.
Another one i own & LOVE! The name makes me think of an anal suppository for some reason, but still my love for it grows stronger each & every day!
My illness for this stuff started years ago but came to a head last Christmas when i convinced The Mister that this product would make all my beauty dreams come true... Christmas morning comes & there it is: SPIN LASH sticking out of my Christmas stocking!! I cut open the package with my
Omni Dual Saw with laser honed dual blades & run to the bathroom. No more manual coating of my lashes!! But... SHOCKER... it SUCKS! I mean it, it spins SO slow even i don't have that kind of time (& we all know i pretty much have all the time in the world). I fall to the floor in tears (No mascara running down my face because the thing is so slow i never got any on!), my As Seen on Tv product has failed me.... it's the end of an era for me. No, not really, i still believe every piece of crap they show me on tv is going to make me prettier, smarter, craftier, cleaner, have no coffee cups without handles:
no clothes without buttons
Paint my entire home in an afternoon,
be hair-free (also own these),
Have neat closets (got 'em!),& be warm in Michigan!
Thank you "AS SEEN ON TV" for making all my dreams come true!
So what "seen on tv" products do you own? Leave your comments & reviews- you know i want to hear all about them!!!!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

OMgosh you are too funny. So you are a gadget junky. I do love the cupcake cake thinger. :) Do you like the steamer? I always wondered about that thing. How about the ped egg? Have you tried that? I have been wanting one for ages.

chinamommy said...

Love the steamer! Don't have the ped-egg, but my Mom does & she says it's a good one (gadget)!

Kathie said...

The giant cupcake is really cute...but... yes there is a but to the heck do you cut it into slices?? The slices are like ten inches tall!! I'm stumped !! Maybe it is suppose to be a single serving! YES!!! Thanks for the laughs.

Kathie said...

PS... did you know they have Snuggies for dogs now too???!!!

Coastal Sisters said...

I LOVE reading your posts! You are just hilarious! I only have the Ped-Egg (I bought from Happy Harry's aka Walgreens) and I do have to say it works fabulously. Otherwise, I have not purchased anything off TV!

I am LOVING my little house that I purchased from you. It's just too stinkin' cute and is in my studio!


Lori said...

Oh you funny girl you!! Now about the giant cupcake?? I have it and love it! Seriously! You can do some different things with it holiday wise!! And if you do break down and buy it, bake the top and bottom separate, the top bakes faster then the bottom! Off to the store now for me, yuck! Lori

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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