Monday, August 17, 2009

'Cause you can never have too many socks

i mean you can't can you? i go thru these "stages" where i am ALL about something. It was PJ pants for a while, i have a flannel pair with Chinese kids on them -which always makes me wonder- do they sell PJ's in China with American kids faces on them? I have stripes, dots, dogs, snowflakes, & several with Hello Kitty- i do love myself some Hello Kitty & plan to never give her up... Then it was jeans, gloves, purses, lip glosses... and SOCKS!! Art supplies are a never ending quest so that isn't included in things i am all about at the moment, but then again I've done a "fimo clay" fit, marker quest, bead frenzy... The scary thing- i just read the Shopaholic series and she also had these items that she would focus on & have to have it all... YIKES! Just call me Rebeka Bloomfield!
Sunday the Mister took 2 of his girls & 1 grandson to some car thing where they drive on an oval track for a long time & people watch them drive...WHAT????????????????? Seriously??? I do NOT get that one at all. Hunting- don't want to, not interested a bit in eating or shooting, BUT, i can see why the "hunt" would be fun for some. This car thing baffles me. I often drive on the freeway, i see cars driving, i see myself passing some, i see others pass me & yet i have NEVER for 1 second thought: I'd like to go sit in the HOT sun & watch cars drive on an oval track while i wear a tube-top, eat meat-on-a-stick & smell the others sitting around me... To each his own i guess! Darling Daughter & i went to Church, made our way to iHOP (where everyone knows us by name), then headed to Marshalls & Michael's. I got some darling sweater vests for darling & then saw
i knew they must be mine!
Current sock love: Knee socks!
Current shape love: starsand you can see here, why i felt i NEEDED another pair!! Next stop: Michael's! I've been thinking i'd like to try that encaustic painting with bees wax. I looked at the mini iron i saw Claudine Hellmuth using to melt wax & it was close to $40. The way i change craft loves i wasn't sure i wanted to invest $40 in the iron and another $18 in wax, so i passed, but...
this Sunday, I found this whole "burning set" for $19.99! Let's hope i don't catch the house on fire, which reminds me of a story- geesh, what doesn't?

I worked for Kodak for several years. I worked on the photofinishing side of things & called on all the retailers that offered our service. Yes, i know, we lost your film & sent you some of an ugly chunky kid on his 9th birthday- i apologize! No, we did not honor your coupon, take it up with the store Mgr! Oh sorry... Anyway, we got TONS of marketing flyer's in large cardboard boxes (M&M- you were AWESOME!!). I lived in the city where it was $1 per bag for garbage. As I type this i'm thinking "why didn't i just expense a box of trash bags"? Anyway, being raised by the frugal 2 that raised me, i thought "why don't i just burn all this stuff (the boxes & left over flyer's- M&M don't think i didn't take the store all those goodies you sent us!!) in my fireplace instead of using $24 in garbage bags?". I LOAD my fireplace with cardboard boxes, light it up and hear a sound that is like a locomotive coming full steam out of my living room!! Have you ever seen a fire so hot it was WHITE? Well, i have & let me just say: it ain't pretty, well, actually it is pretty but in a "scary, i'm going to burn my house down" kinda way! It was totally like the movies where things start to move in slow motion: i see the cardboard turn white, i hear the ROAR of the fire & i start to run looking back over my shoulder waiting to be thrown forward by the force of the fire, the glass doors blow apart & spray broken glass all over the wood floor burning little holes into them & i fall to the floor in frantic prayer thanking God for sparing my life! I wish that was just a dramatic retelling of my tale, but, unfortunately, every bit of it is TRUE! This summer i made a bonfire so big i burn the leaves out of the top of a tree - some idiots never learn, do they? i loves me some fire i do!
Now, what was i saying?
Oh yeah, Michael's- they had a clearance going on! I got all kinds of trims for .28!! AND- an iron on of a TV, that will definitely come in handy!?? Darling was so excited the Halloween stuff was out & had to try on several masks:
i love how her eyes are all squished & deformed looking in this one & she's doing a "bear pose"!
Anything you are "all about"??- share!! Let me know i am NOT alone in my madddddnessssss!
Gotta run- she & the puppy have been too quiet for too long...
Happy Monday- it's rainy here in MI, a good day for the studio!


Kathie said...

As always you made me laugh and as always I can relate. I have come to the realization that I do not craft as a hobby. I collect craft supplies as a hobby!! I no longer have unfinished projects, I have unusual ways of storing my collections. I don't have an unfinished quilt...I have a unique way of displaying my straightpin collection. Its all in the interpretation. I live guilt free now! And my daughter bought one of those plain full face masks to decorate this weekend. She did a lovely job painting it although it was creepy talking to her while she wore it everywhere....all weekend!

Coastal Sisters said...

OMG...your daughter is just TOO TOO adorable!!!!! I just want to pinch her!!! Looks like you got lots of new goodies to play with :)


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