Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been bit...

by the embroidery bug!! Anyone else re-found this craft???? i remember my mom stitching away on things when i was a kid that still hang in their home today!
there are SO many super cool patterns now, not just flowers and kittens anymore!
These 1st few (PATTERS) were all found on etsy. Just go to etsy & type in: embroidery patterns, you can also search by the sellers name to find these same patterns.
this is by: sadieandoliver
isn't it pretty? i love how delicate her stitches look! these next 2 are by: polkaandblooms. I LOVE her whimsical style & the colors she picked for her finished pieces. love her bicycle image...♥
then these CUTE cakes by: theflossbox
and gnomes by: badbird
are these cute or what?
i talked about sublime stitching a while back & now i've found another cool site called: Pimp Stitch
3 ladies with all kinds of cool & kitchy patterns!! Check out the goodies below. They have a fun blog too full of ideas and **FREE** patterns. Just remember you can't use these goodies to stitch & sell!!
owl LOVE!

go check out their blog... so cute!
& you might remember this one that i did a while back: pattern from the online class i took with Miss Elsie Flannigan ( )
Now i'm on my 2nd one (also an Elsie pattern). This one was requested by my darling daughter...I know i'm super lucky that i have minimal stress in my life, but this is a great way to unwind. It doesn't have to be perfect, its for ME and the patterns are truly addictive! They are really QUITE cheap & almost everyone just sends them right to your computer- so no waiting & no extra cost for shipping- cool, hun?
So ladies, get your stitch on!!
I'd love to hear more cool stitching sites, tips, stitches, or lost needle adventures!


Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

I LOVE THOSE CAKES! I'm not wonderful at embroidery but I do enjoy it! Now I wanna go get my hoop on!!! I've been working on getting all of my vintage embroidery patterns uploaded to my Etsy shop, not fun. :)

Juice said...

Oh my goodness - I was just poking around for embroidery patterns at Joann's and Michael's (both of which stink btw). Thanks for the heads up!

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