Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my day in photo's... can you stand it?

"Woke up, fell out of bed, Dragged a comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, And looking up I noticed I was late..." (A Day in the Life by The Beatles)Yes, still a robe, it's Michigan. Hello Michigan, it's now August, enough with the cool weather!1st stop: Bye Bye Pie blog... written by my dear friend, my self-proclaimed BFF, my soul mate, my twin sister separated by time & place! She's my blog mentor, the one i strive to be like, hence doing my day in pictures, because if Ol' June Gardens says to do it... I DO!Now even though those "Skinny B**ch's" say not to drink coffee, i thumb my nose at them. I drink my coffee... unless i forget, which i sometimes do because i am someone who can NOT be burdened with an addiction!Feed my daughter breakfast & yes, she does like grapefruit- see the giant smile on her face! The "Skinny B's" say eat fruit for breakfast, so we do!Darling getting her vitamin, obviously she doesn't think she is getting 100% of her daily recommended dose. As a side note: she eats them in color order, she just finished yellow yesterday so we're on to red. Yeah, you can tell she is not from MY blood- thank goodness! She is so organized & logical & orderly... Chase Teddy out of daughter's bathroom before he uses her mat as one of those darn puppy pads! Grrrrr again to that lady training him to use those!!!!!!
Shower: obviously i am a girl that likes choices! get dressed, cry out that i "have NOTHING to wear"
Vow to organize right side... obviously i got distracted at some point.Laundry... do it!
unload dishwasher
by this point (if you're still reading) you're on the edge of your seat...
Load darling & head to the grocery store
vow to clean out car sometime in the near future...

Make a pit-stop on the way to the grocery store
make another PIT stop at Target so darling can spend her birthday gift certificate. Finally make it to Meijer & load cart with healthy stuff (cocoa is for the brownies- i couldn't find vegan, whatever!)
Make it home & start on my no-meat, no "real" cheese lasagna! There are the B's in the background showing me the way (right after the picture i realized i don't make it in a mixer & moved to the stove...).
See how the family LOVES it? Daughter looks like she is glaring at me & The Mister looks like he's going to drop over from boredom- guess he's tired of hearing how healthy i'm making him!
As if it wasn't bad enough i just fed them hamburger that isn't meat (soy crumbles) i am now cheering them on for an evening run- wouldn't you want to beat me?
have i ever mention "this" dog... he's the outside dog. Russell & i are not friends! Maybe we would be if he would quit gettin' all up in my biness... He is a BUTT sniffer to the extreme & see how he's looking all longingly at MY butt?
& stretching
& stretching
& running...
& now it's bedtime (isn't her NEW bedding so stinkin cute?!)
I just remembered i told you i couldn't do this yesterday because my day was boring... oh brother, like this was exciting?! Yeah, well, i'm a Mommy & this is what we do. Today we did go pick blueberries
& there's a golf lesson we have to go to in 1/2 hour. It's not exciting, but i wouldn't trade it for the world!
Have a great & exciting day & i promise to never do this again...


Lori said...

Know why I love cats??? They keep their fuzzy noses in their own rear ends!!!! Awe, so MI was cool?? I'll gladly give you my 73% humidity!! 90's coming up! We've had air on for the third day! Now as for the meal??? They did not look happy at all! Did it suck? Today my day was a giant rotten migraine, I'd gladly trade, plus its cooler there!! later,Lori

Anonymous said...

I love the comforter. Awesome!

What's up with cold weather? I don't understand. It hasn't been colder than 87 here in months.

Also, had a dog who was trained on puppy pads. Ayaiyai.

I am so going to copy this - I love Bye Bye Pie. She gets enough credit for things, so I'm going to copy you.

I should run too, I always enjoy it when I do. Too hot. No excuse.

Loved it.

Kugo said...

What a great day! See all the things June makes us do! It's like a cult...

Anonymous said...

You kill me!

Anonymous said...

Did you tell me you were doing a day in pictures? Cause I just found this by happenstance. I would've linked to you had I known!

I love the outside doggie! He's so cute!

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