Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautiful creepiness... i ♥ you!

I know i've mentioned this artist before... Mark Ryden
I stopped over at his site this morning & he has some new (to me) things up.
I LOVE this guys style, so cute & whimsical, but look close... a certain creepiness too!Notice the baby leaning on a hunk of meat

And what is move lovely than a child with a saw cutting slices of ham for her guests?!
Don't you love that little animals face, that is JUST how i feel when
i'm surrounded by children...

and i am SO behind this "mad men" thing?!!! i TRY to stay up on things- thank goodness for the Internet or i just might still be wearing 2 piece matching rayon outfits! So i hear in blog world the raves of this show, i guess i'll have to go rent the DVDs! Geesh, i was just telling my step daughter last night, i still haven't read the Harry Potter series & she's asking me about Twilight, & now there's Mad Men & for cryin' out loud i haven't even been able to renew my library card that expired in Feb! I've been too busy researching how behind i am on everything!! So here is my mad men likeness... kinda?! i don't look this mature or classy in real life & i've got the pictures to prove it!
my alter ego apparently: doing a presentation with a martini in hand...
Lots of changes happening around here... I'll be back later to fill you in! Hope you're having a good week. The Sun is out in Michigan, whooo-hoooo!!


Kathie said...

Oh I so love those. I have that twisted sense of humor too. Go look at the dolls here. I think they match his art.

Coastal Sisters said...

I love this artist. So glad you posted about him. These are just fabulous!


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