Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some things i love right now...

It's been a little crazy... just a little! We have a new girl around here! My 16 year old step daughter is now living with us & we are loving having her here!! Just not the kind of story i can "put out there" on the web, but it's good & we're getting her settled in. We spent the last 3 days deciding on bedding... hey, we're girls!! We got something today & a beautiful aqua blue wall color & are making big plans... I'll do some before & after shots... of course!
We're headed up North for some fake camping. Fake as in "this girl doesn't sleep in the woods or on the ground", so camping as in "staying in a hotel & visiting friends at THEIR campsite during the day camping"... Several reasons i don't camp, how about: picking sand out of your butt for a week, or showering in a mildewy shower that someone probably just peed in (hey, it's my story & i'm sure they did just pee!) or how about it's just like being at home only harder & dirtier! Seriously: sleeping- no way as comfy as my pillow top, cooking where i have to drag food to the woods & heat it over wood, using public bathrooms where the floor is covered in wet toilet paper & sand.... Don't even try to tell me how fun this is & i'm just "missing the point". Yeah, i AM missing the point, that IS my point! AND... if that isn't enough, let me share just ONE childhood memory of camping 'cause ya know my parents totally scarred me in several areas of life. Picture with me, if you dare: The late 70's, a customized van that reads "BLUE JEANS" on the side & has 3 shades of blue shag carpet. It's midnight my 6'1" father is laying down thru the center of the van in his underwear snoring hard enough to suck the roof of the van in! I'm TRYING to sleep in a vinyl & burlap type fabric reclining seat (can you say comfy?!), i'm short, but sleeping in a van seat... seriously what were my parents thinking? 3 kids with no sleep covered in sand? Anyway: approx 97 degrees in the van, high humidity & holes in the screens that are allowing the van to fill with mosquito's. Now picture 1 mom in a sheer nightie (how am i not an ax murderer?) getting into the drivers seat & driving the van around the campground so she can run the A/C.... for some reason my mom thought it was wrong or illegal or against her religion to just let the van idle & run the A/C. That wasn't distracting to a young child trying to sleep in a scratchy seat covered in mosquito bites & listening to the thunderous snoring of her father... So, if you thought at the beginning of this you could convince me how fun camping is, you now know to back slowly away from me with your bunson burner & pup tent!
so on to better stuff, stuff me likes!
Mini violets!this CD (eric hutchinson)
L'oreal mascara- Telescopic in BLACK
Bare Minerals POWDER sunscreen!! I love the sunscreen i do!!
FRESH veggies in my back yard (although these are in my sink)
Bye-Bye Pie blog... must partake of daily!
Senseo coffee & some coconut creamer (or toasted marshmallow flavoring- pouring from that big glass bottle makes it feel like i'm pouring some wild turkey in my cup 1st thing in the morning, & some days i just like to pretend i'm all naughty like that!)
trust me, you won't go back to REAL chicken... I ♥ these!!
this website, this shirt! Just got it in the mail- hurry, it's on clearance!
this website, this belt because i REFUSE to believe or act like i am 40!

Ok, i have to get to bed, Conan is on & that means its way past my bedtime... We leave early in the morning so i won't be back for a few days (don't try to rob me, the outside dog will eat you, i promise!!)

Have a wonderful weekend & we'll chat soon! Maybe i'll have some pictures of me NOT camping!☺



Coastal Sisters said...

You are just hilarious....I am still laughing at this wonderful post!

Have fun and can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return. I am sure you will have some hilarity to share :)


FromJapanWithLove said...

I feel the same way about camping but I don't have the same story to tell!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

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