Thursday, December 3, 2009

Granny Square done kicked my butt!!!

Next time you roll your eyes at a $76 neck warmer or scarf, let me assure you I will NOT be crocheting you one for less than $795.00!! I had 2 crochet classes this week: Monday "Crochet 101" & Wednesday "Crochet 201 (or is it 102, or 202?)-the granny square". My class Monday had 4 students besides myself & one of the gals came to our class because the 1st class she attended had 11!!!!! people in it. Now, if you've never crocheted before let me tell you 11 people in a beginning class would be total chaos-think of 150 chickens released into a room full of kindergartners. I can now cross another thing off my list of "Things I might want to be"... and that is: "Beginning Crochet Teacher". I pity the woman that had me & the lady next to me in her class! Gram (the lady next to me that was wearing a blouse I am quite sure my 100 year old Grandma owns & provided peanut butter cups as snacks-YUM!) was there for her 2nd time because, as she announced enthusiastically, had "flunked" her 1st 101 class! She had a 2 inch piece of wonky mauve yarn that was the fruit of her labor. She was an ex-art teacher so you know she & I were kindred spirits in our confusion! She was there because she had bought a pattern 9 years ago that consisted of a crocheted necklace with about 125 buttons hanging from it... it's for her daughter, who is a 3rd grade teacher, & she just knew the kids in her class would love the buttons! I know as a 3rd grader, I was a large fan of buttons...? Anyway, she was as sweet as can be! I know where she's from, the fact that she & her husband have been married 53 years & they were high school sweet hearts. The Mr. wondered if I was there to learn or there to interview...a bit of both I guess!
So here is the result after 3 hours at my 1st class:
yeah, it's probably about a 2" square- it was HARD people!!
Wednesday I went back because I own the book "101 Granny Squares" & about 215 balls of yarn. The class ran from 1-4 & thankfully there were only 2 of us this time. By the time i left at FIVE... yeah, I had to stay after class! I called the Mr. & said "i had to stay after class, i was the slow kid." My hardy-har-har step daughter yells in the background "was there math involved?". The only math I know is: 50% off or 75% off or I can figure how old I was when the Mr. was a certain age in the blink of an eye (Hey, do you know that when you were 21 I was only 10...ewwww! He loves that :) and... Yes, as a matter of fact there is math in crochet, so no wonder I found it so difficult... there were numbers & counting & I was confused, so what! I was much better at choosing the yarn colors!
So here is my 1st EVER Granny Square:
My hand looked like the claw of a lobster by the time I was done & we had to order a pizza due to my weakened condition, but I'm NOT going to give up!
The lady that taught the class was GREAT ("hey Fern", if you're reading! -You know I had to pimp my blog with the use of some biz cards). We figured out (due to my fabulous interview skills) that we actually live about 10 min from each other, so she gave me her # & address & told me to call anytime... Oh honey, do you even realize what you've done? "Hi Fern, I know it's 3:12 am but I'm really stuck on this one part...."
To prove how tough this was, I'm going to share 1 line of the granny square pattern:
With B, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next 7 dc, *(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in next ch-6 sp, dc in next 8 dc rep from * 2 more times... and on & on & on...
Oh, I have to run, I have been quite the social butterfly this week, which is weird for me! I'm usually like a troll down in my studio daydreaming about dandelion fluff or glitter.
Ok, who is as much of a glory hound as his momma? Mr Teddy, that's who!
See him smiling at you?
Ok, I'm off to lunch with a friend & then tomorrow I'll be finishing that advent calendar I needed to have done for Dec 1st... Advent calendars have numbers on them & well, you know how i am with numbers...
Have a GREAT day & be sure to share my blog with someone you love this holiday season- the gift that keeps on giving!!!❤


LuLu Kellogg said...

You did a great job!

I love the pic of Mr. Teddy smiling...that is just too cute!!


Amber said...

Haha! You are hilarious girl! Wow. . .and to think I purchased my granny square afghan at a garage sale. All that work to just put it in a sale. I love mine. It has the place of honor on the couch. ;-) Love mr. teddy's smile too!
Thanks for missin me too. =)

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