Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas....

Oh my!! Can you stand these pictures? Pink, Pink, & more pink!!!
(all these beautiful photo's were found on flickr & the photographers name is under each photo-go see their other stuff!!)

(if you don't know of boopsie- you need to!! she has a GREAT store on etsy)
also by Miss boopsiedaisy

Oh i am in LOVE! I could have just copied her entire folder & put it on here! Beautiful, beautiful pink sweetness! Make sure you go see her goodies on flickr!!!!

How cute is this button ornament!!

Blythe... although I've never fallen in love with mine (i don't quite get "the love"), I do love the pictures others take of their dolls!

Love the stars she added to this photo... how DID she do that?

just when I am getting close to finishing MY advent calendar I see this one by sugarsugar...
DANG, every time I think "man, I'm making beautiful work", I see something I love so much more! Anyone else do that? You make something that you think it awesome & then you find something that makes you feel like yours looks like a kindergarten project...

I want this for my home... don't you??
beautiful wreath by TreasuredHeirloom
The tree is also by TreasuredHeirloom...
I know you're dying to know how my crochet class went... I will give a total update tomorrow because I have my granny square lesson today! I will tell you that at 1 point during my 1st class I thought "OH NO... I am NEVER going to get this..."
Enjoy the pinky goodness & please head over to flickr and type in "Pink Christmas" to see MORE!!

1 comment:

Coastal Sisters said...

Oooooo, sweet loveliness! Thank you so much for sharing these great pictures!

I can't wait to see your crochet!


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