Friday, December 4, 2009

Turquoise & Red for Christmas! (& of course some pink)

Here's a little tour around my home:
I'm in with Red & Turquoise...
Isn't this tray CUTE? Target!! (last year)
Most of the circles are GLITTERY & we all know I ❤❤❤ GLITTER!
Also from Target (last year)
This little snowman is VERY dear to me... He was made by my very special Aunt Renee. Renee was my Dad's youngest brothers wife & they were high school sweet hearts- I really don't remember a time she wasn't in our family. On January 3, 2004 my dear Aunt went to Heaven... she was only 45 years old. I still miss her so much especially at the holidays because that is the time we would see our family in Indiana. It's still so hard to believe she's gone, but I'm pretty sure she's making sugar cookies in Heaven!
Mmmmm... do you like the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks? Me too! but... this will sure do at home!!
The little houses I did last year with real silver glitter- it's all tarnished this year, but I still love the look!
Ohhhh... how do i love Target & their $$$ bins? This was in their $2.50 bin & I'm quite sure I got the last fuchsia one they had...
A little mixed media collage thing-a-ma-bopper I made with one of my very favorite pictures of darling daughter! This picture was taken the summer she came home from China, so she had JUST turned 1. If there was 1 day I could live over & over again... definitely the day I became her Mommy!!
Target again...
and because PINK is in the mix, here is Mr. Teddy in his sporty PINK (remember: dogs are color blind & he doesn't know he's a boy!) winter coat! That stack of totes... just a small portion of the Christmas that still needs to be put up. You can see in the NEXT picture why he needs his jacket...
Yep, this is today (Friday- November 4th). It's now 12:25 & the snow JUST stopped 25 min ago & the ✺sun✺ is actually OUT!
Here is part of my Red & Turquoise tree... & Mr. Glory Hound himself in the corner... Who loves the camera?
Well gals, have a GREAT day & if you have Christmas decorations you'd like to share, just put the link in my comments!!
Also I added a couple pieces of button jewelry to my etsy store ( ), boy have I NOT been on the ball with getting my store stocked for Christmas... maybe next year!
Ok, off to get that Advent Calendar done... you know the one we were suppose to start opening 4 days ago!!

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