Friday, December 11, 2009

Wheww... am I pooped! Is it Christmas YET?

Oh seriously, I just deleted everything I typed... Dang, if I didn't go & hit the "USE THE NEW OPTION" thingy when I have 9,000 things to do & NO time to mess with learning this NEW way to post.... Ok- it's been a while so let me fill you in on what we've been up to:
1. Gingerbread House- PRE-baked & in my opinion, the ONLY way to go!!  They had this one at Joanne's & it's by Wilson less than $10!  Comes with everything you need (except patience!)
Darlings favorite part: sucking the (yucky) frosting from the bag...go figure!

Then we decided our angel that my Mom made us last year needed an extreme make-over... sorry Mom, no offense!  It's just when your child is afraid of the Christmas Angel, & wants to sleep in your bed every night as it is- you must take extreme measures to remove anything within your holiday decor' that will cause nightmares....

Here she is with her "hair" removed... it was Spanish Moss & something about the grey color wasn't very Heavenly... again, SORRY MOM!

Now I realize at this point, she still is looking creepy, but... hang with us, she's not done yet!

Still creepy... but there is a PLAN!

Then... the Advent Calendar!  I know, I know- I've had it since LAST year & I decided the last day of November to start the re-vamp... (keep your shorts on Cheeky Green- today is the day I finish it!).  This is how it started out:

Step 2:

ALMOST there... almost!
I just need to get the rest of the doors finished!

It's been perfect here for finishing projects, since we can't leave the house:
We've been under a Blizzard WARNING for the last 3 days!
Yes, these pictures were taken from the INSIDE- the only way I go outside:
go out kitchen door which leads directly into the garage
get in car
ride in passenger seat & let the Mister man the wheel
get dropped off at the door
get picked up at the door
have the Mister pull into the garage
walk back in house.
This gal was made for a tropical island... Maui, Maui- how i miss thee!

the sky really isn't this blue, I used my mac to "enhance"...

the view from my front door... No, no, I didn't open the door- it was taken thru the window of course!

Ok, I have to finish my cards, finish decorating, finish the advent, the angel, the gingerbread house & START my Christmas shopping.... I wanted to wait & see who was going to be naughty & who was going to be nice!
We've also got 2 Christmas parties to go to this weekend & let me tell you, that glass of Merlot will be well deserved!
Cheers Gals!
Oh geesh, don't tell me I don't have spell check anymore?  Yikes, I use that all the time so I can type sloppy & let spell check do the work...
OH &... enjoy the NEW Christmas music (thanks MO!)


Amber said...

First of all. . .there is no such thing as "yucky" frosting! ;-) Second. . .You have a Blythe doll??? Lucky girl! Maybe I already knew this? Third. . .I am SO a Maui girl with you. Snow is beautiful to look at, but that's where it ends for me. I enjoy it for a week and I'm done. We were supposed to get that snow too, but it ended up being rain. It's been freezing though! Your angel is looking lovely! Have fun Christmas shopping. =)

Amber Zimmerman said...

The above post is me. =)

C. said...

So, the advent calendar is very cool, truly I wouldn't have been able to do that! But... that little girl is even cuter.

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