Monday, December 7, 2009

Stuff, stuff, and more STUFF!

Well, I've only been loading pictures for 3 hrs... NO joke! My connection is snoozer-ville slow today.... ugh! Well, let me show you what I do have loaded:
A few months back my cousins were going through my Grandma's things (she passed away a few years ago) & thought I might like to have her old "craft" supplies. I forgot what a crafty-gal Grandma was! This is my Dad's mom. She was from Tennessee & was one of those soft spoken southern gals with the tackiest taste ever (NOT that Southern Gals all have tacky taste... you've seen Mrs. Jennifer Hayslip from GA, haven't you? Go see her blog: Sweet eye candy creations!). Haha... she just liked all kinds of stuff like plastic doll heads with tea towels hanging from them.
Anyway, you can imagine my delight when I saw these giant metal boxes FULL to the gills with STUFF... some call it junk :)
This drawer had her high school autograph book full of witty quotes like: Be careful when you get home from a date, cause love is blind but the neighbors ain't! Oh yes, those kids were quite the cards...
Then there is the HUMOROUS MONOLOGUE book...written by: Mayme Riddle Bitney- with a maiden of Riddle, it only makes sense she would write a book like this! She's also the proud author of: Monologues: Grave & Gay. I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with homosexuals purchasing burial spots...
whole drawer full of..... itty bitty things...Darling Daughter is afraid of those doll heads... yeah, they ARE a bit creepy!
4 Vintage glass Christmas ornaments!!
I promptly smashed the green one after this photo by pushing the drawer in without making sure they were sitting on the bottom of the drawer....Grrrr! I made homemade glass glitter with it...
and then this box, not a lot of goodies in here, but a little bit of stuff & of course, the metal box!
There was another drawer full of trims & ribbons but it's almost 2 in the afternoon & I have been downloading these few pictures for hours... the 8 inches of snow we got must be interfering with my connection!
Have a geat day! I'm going to try those Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies later... Darling daughter was sick & there's nothing worse than a kid sneezing in the cookie dough!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Oh my gawsh. . .I would be in Heaven! How fun to sort through all of that. Do you get to keep the metal drawers too? 8 inches of snow?? I sooo hope that stays up there. ;-) We're supposed to get slammed on Wed. which is also my dd's bday. She would love a snowday on her bday I'm sure. =)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeek! Look at all your wonderful things that you can work your magic on! You lucky gal!

Happy Holidays!

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