Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Tooth-Candy Love

Oh brother...I know I've been gone forever... Well, I haven't been gone, but I sure haven't been here!  My connection is SOOOOOOO slow I've wrapped the dog in foil & sent him to the roof!
I typed "candy" & "Glitter Candy" into etsy & 1 1/2 hours later this is all I have to show:
Sugary Lolli-pops by leesiebella (all on
Sugar Sweet bottle pendant by BottleCapJen

TwinkieChan...if you don't know of Twinkie head to etsy & check her out!  She's really known for her AWESOME foodie crochet... the radish scarf-ADORABLE!!

Candy & Glitter resin pendant by applenoggin.

isn't this CUTE??  it's by: funkyeggart

paper beads colored & hand glittered by MigotoChou, pretty, hun?!  did you ever make these when you were a kid?  We did, but we used old magazines.

Pretty candy tags by: madebyjackie

Peppermint bark soap by sherrisscentsandsoys
Do you guys use handmade soap?  I haven't really but I might try this because it's shaped like a bar.  I don't like trying to roll a dog turd or an ice cream cone shape around in my hand.  Yes, there is dog poop soap, 'cause i bought it for 1 of my brothers last year- he's a lucky guy!  For the record, it smelled like cake, not crap!
Wish I had more, but I REALLY need to finish my Christmas cards & the other impossible goals I've set for myself!  I did put down the garland & step away from the decorating.  It's kinda crazy, but no one really ever see my decorating.  My family is in Indiana & we spend Christmas day down there, the Mister's family is getting together the day after Christmas at a resturant, so... why spend a month putting all this stuff up only to have darling daughter & the Mister see it & then take it down by myself?
My parents did come up for Darlings Christmas program, so they did see the tree... & speaking of that Christmas program- Could that boy just stand right in FRONT of my tiny daughter & block my view for the entire 3 songs that her class sang?  Yes, he can!
I hope to be back BEFORE Christmas & I REALLY hope my connection speeds up...
Have a great day!
Don't forget to check chinamommy on etsy... I'll share my new goals for my shop in 2010... big plans people, BIG plans!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Sooooo good to see you posting!

You know...the teacher should have put the taller ones in the back and have the wee ones in the front so the parents could see.

I love all the glittery goodness you found on Etsy!

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you for all the laughs you provide your readers and can't wait until I see what you have up your sleeve for the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Doncha hate when the internet doesn't cooperate? I spent an hour yesterday trying to upload some photos. Grrr!

C. said...

I am in love with candy decorations for Christmas so I loved your post. It makes me think of sugar plum fairies and such. And of course I want to make some! Umm, our Christmas Concert. MY daughter- absolutely the cutest- but was distracted by a boy in the front row who seemed to have a face made of rubber and was using it to make all kinds of strange faces. I was thinking he was having a seizure or perhaps was a "mainstreamed" student when finally he started hopping up and down and then I realized he had to pee. I wish you could have seen him- he stole the show.

C. said...

Oh yeah, and another thing!
I will not ever, I promise you, wear a belt buckle that exclaims- "Good and Plenty" as I do not believe in false advertising!

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