Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Teenie-Tiny Post

Anyone else out there have a love affair with dollhouses?
I'm taking a break from Christmas chitter chatter for a moment because I'm not done shopping or done crocheting the scarf I'm making & I like to have that insane adrenaline rush.  What's a holiday without freaking out?
I found all these images on flickr & who LOVES flickr?  ME!  I like to just type in random words & see what pops up (just be careful what random word you type in!).
When I was a kid my best friend & i would save all our $ and then beg one of our moms to take us to this miniature store in Kalamazoo, MI.  It was run by these 2 sisters that were like 100 years old.  We'd look & look & look until finally a mom would say "ok, you've got 20 min. & then we're going".  It was so hard to make the final choice.
Hope you enjoy these!  I've put the artist below each photo:




Petitplat by SK

These are canes made of fimo clay!  They slice them to make tiny cookies, fruit, candy, flowers... The design goes all the way through so they can slice & get many, many images.  Can you imagine how patient you'd need to be to make these...yikes!






You need to check out all the other things this "jenny" has on flickr!!  Such a talented lady!


Isn't this AMAZING?  a treehouse in miniature?!!! it's by:

found this image in a box of old photos... LOVE it!

I have a vintage dollhouse that I bought at an auction years ago.  I worked at this nursing home (in the activities dept. which involves cutting coupons that have already expired with 90+ year old women- FUN!) & some of the residents were having an auction of all their things.  I went to the auction & saw a dollhouse just like my moms & knew I HAD to have it!  Well, apparently some of the grandkids were upset their grandparents were selling everything instead of GIVING it to them so as this dollhouse came up the line to the auctioneer- one of the girls TOOK it!  Don't you know I went & tattled: got the dollhouse back on the line & outbid those girls!  I probably paid too much but by that time it was the principle of the matter.


also by: RainbowMermaid

by the uber talented:



and I leave you with this:

Wouldn't it have been nice if I'd have noticed the dogs weenie was pointing straight at the camera & held him a different way?  Oh well, this is just so fitting for ME!  I love that one of my blogger friends (hey KUGO) pointed out it was like the nipple picture from Seinfeld!  I just think Teddy was afraid someone might see the pink coat & mistake him for a girl dog...
MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours!
Happy Birthday Jesus!


Amber Zimmerman said...

I love miniatures too! Those pics were fun to look at. . .lots of eye candy. Have you seen the old American Girl minis? They're called AG minis. You can find them on ebay and probably flickr too, but they're so darn cute! Love your family pic. . .too funny about your dog's wiener! Haha! =) Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hello sweet!
I'm always dream to have a Barbue doll house so much:) it's in my wishlist too hopefully the price freak out me too. it's around $300 dollar!!!
I love all the doll house pics so cute and pretty:)

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

Happiest Holidays my funny girlfriend! Thanks for all the wonderful laughs this year! Family pic very cute and yes, doggie touch is you!!LOL Lori

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