Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The BLIZZARD of 2011 or the end of the world...

Ok, are your weather people as EXCITED by weather as these Michigan folks?!
(Is that a blizzard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

 Last night they had the local news on for an HOUR, so I could hear over and over and over and OVER about the blizzard that would end the world!
Ok, here's the thing: we live in Michigan, it's winter, we GET SNOW! I understand we need to know how much, people need to make plans, but seriously, it's OVERKILL!!
When I looked out my kitchen window this morning 
I knew I wouldn't be going for a run anytime soon (or outside for anything else!) and made plans to hunker down with Darling and do some crafts!
This is the view from my laundry room door
Yep, that is the impression of my door in the snow!
Who forgot to bring in the wicker furniture for the winter?  
So as I'm planning a full day of crafting, I check out the front yard and notice...
the dog run, which is actually, THE CAT's HOUSE!
Yeah, I may have a little "crazy cat lady" in me... Cause I got all dressed from head to toe in my winter dud's and headed out for Operation Save-a-Cat..
that movie: Pretty in Pink came to mind... am I right?
Here is Roxy's butt (the slutty Mama cat, who is a horrible mother! 1 out of 5 kittens made it).
I knew there was NO way they could get to their food (these are wild cats that we feed for?... fun and entertainment, I guess!  Oh yeah, and the fact they keep the rodent population at pretty much ZERO!
See how happy this guy is?  His name: Grumpy.  He's such a user! He'll let you feed him, but don't try to pet him, he's above all that snuggling stuff!
There were 5 kitties in there all hunkered down in the hay with no food.  Darling and I dug them a path, found their dish and gave them a full of kitty buffet!
Theodore wasn't so sure about the snow...
So now that we did a kitty rescue... 
(I can't get that Diego song out of my head) 
yo rescue pack!
I'm rescue pack coming to the rescue
rescue pack coming to the rescue
I'm rescue pack i got your back
i can turn into a parasol or a kayak
 a snow board whatever you need
we can do it nothing to it
a rescue pack coming to the rescue
rescue pack coming to the rescue
ahhhhhh rescue pack!!

We're moving on to a nifty DIY!
I'll be back tomorrow with a really cute and easy Valentine swag!


myminimocs said...

great blog...i'm not a prude but jokes like this can usually rub me the wrong way but...the weaterman photo LOL was TOO funny! i'm a michigander too and i'm with you...GET OVER IT! i do not like the snow either but we are in michigan. when i was little and it was so cold in the winter i thought that was why our state was shaped like a mitten! LOL will be following!

myminimocs said...

p.s. way to rock the kitty rescue!!!

Angela said...

LOVE the excited weather man - LOL SO funny! It reminds me of this joke Aubrey keeps playing on me - (I'll convo you) The snow - pretty! I think it would be fun to get snowed in and not have to go anywhere!

Lanyardlady said...

How brave you are to save the kitties. Hope Theodore doesn't get lost in all that snow. I have a friend in Michigan who sends me pictures of frozen waves on the lake. I seriously couldn't deal with that kind of cold!

Funny in My Mind said...

I totally stole your pic! Showed everyone at work too. perverts, all of us.

SleightGirl said...

Great photos! I love the snow, but I don't have to live in it.

Yes, I've heard of Abbott's in colon, mi but have never been. I'd like to some day.

Katie @ Craft Spotter said...

I love that weather You saved the kitties! I'm in Texas and we had 14 degree weather today, that doesn't ever happen here. Our news channel had an image on the screen today that said "just think in 6 months it'll be 105"

chinamommy said...

Trust me, IF I could move to Hawaii, I'd have my bags packed in an hour! I am no fan of the cold, you just gotta gut it out :(

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