Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Princess Diana exhibit at GRAM.

GRAM, not as in my mother's mother, but as in: the Grand Rapids Art Museum!  Yep, the Princess Diana exhibit was in town and guess who got tickets before they ALL sold out?! ME!!  Not the guy with the bluetooth (or "chick magnet" as I like to call them... yeah, right!) who was frantically asking if we knew someone that wanted to sells theirs... I DO have that "ticket scalper look" don't I?
There was NO photography allowed, not even when I told them about my world famous blog, the fact my mother got up to watch the Royal Wedding at some crazy hour, or the fact that we do, in fact, like tea!  Nope, they were not budging!
I should have at least got a photo of my mom on her motorized scooter!!  She had foot surgery and is lugging around an 900 lb "boot" on her leg, boot as in: heavy-ugly-medical boot

 not  HOT-Victoria's Secret-Sexy-Boot!

I had nightmares of my mother running into the display of the wedding dress, 
cracking the case, getting the dress stuck on the wheels of her scooter and driving of 25 feet of the train around the museum.  I am more than happy to report, that did NOT happen, nor was anyone or anything hurt by her driving... only my pride.
The display was wonderful, although I sure do remember that dress being a LOT prettier in the 80's. 

  Although anyone that lived through the 80's knows better than to put "80's" and "pretty" in the same sentence!!
For the record, I never owned a pair of those....those...whatever those pants were called.  Nor did I own parachute pants.
I will confess to the asymmetrical hair cut, the sweaters down past my knees and rolling my jeans like the guys in the above picture... 
Dear God, thank you for ending the 80's!


LeeLu Creations said...

Ha! Vintage is totally in, but I'm praying that the 80's fashion does NOT make a comeback. :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG, I would have hacked up a lung to see this exhibit!!

I am totally into Vintage and LOVED the 80's but I draw the line at the parachute/MC Hammer pants!! *snort*


Angela said...

Ha!! The image of your mom is cracking me up!

I also never owned a pair of those Joey Buttafuoco pants or parachute pants either. I DID have a pair of "Jams" though and some turquoise Chuck Taylors that I honestly wish I STILL had :)

myminimocs said...

you are SO right that wedding dress is plain ugly...but i have to admit though... i thought that it was ugly the first time i saw it back in the 80's LOL

hope your mom's surgery was a success and her recovery is quick!!!

Lanyardlady said...

Bet it was a thrill to see that over-the-top gown. I, too, got up at an early hour and will do the same for William and Kate's wedding. At least you didn't run into any Rascal Gangs at the museum!

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha!!! I love it...gotta love a tight rolled pair of jeans with layered scrunched down socks! :) Top that with some LA Gears...and you got Janna in the 80's :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

chinamommy said...

LeeLu: I've seen LOTS of neon...ugh!

chinamommy said...

Oh LuLu, you would totally look hot in hammer pants!!! SNORT is right!! hahaha!

chinamommy said...

Angela: I have to google Jams... I keep thinking "vans" those skateboarder shoes!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oh wow what a great opportunity!! I'm jealous!!

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