Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Friday...

now showing on Saturday, 'cause what's more random than that?
1. Yesterday my darling girl didn't have school so we headed downtown to see this:
Yes, they are real bodies from China!!  I wish so bad I could have taken a few pictures but the armed guards were everywhere!  Google it if you're interested.  Most of the bodies were male, Darling said she could tell because of their faces, I could tell because of the penis, but hey... whatever!
2. With our tickets we got a "free" carousal ride...
this was my favorite horse:
3. This is what I got for Valentines Day.  As it was handed to me this sentiment was spoken:
"well, it's not as bad as a vacuum, right?"
He's a heart breaker, let me tell you!
It wasn't orchids, but I LOVE my morning coffee and I wanted one of these, so I was good!

4. Let's talk about me (duh!) and the fact that I placed in my age group at the 5k last weekend... who's going to be living off that glory for the next 25 years?!
Now let's talk about the fact I got a MEDAL yesterday in the mail with a note saying some of the times were off AND it said I was 2nd (NOT 3rd) in my age group!!
Hey, look at that hot air balloon overhead, oh wait, it's chinamommys giant ego floating over the west side of Michigan!!
I'll pretty much be wearing this everywhere I go from now on, or until the ribbon gets so dirty around my neck that I have to remove it before i get an infection.
Yes, that's me, right here behind my MEDAL!!!!!!

5. Have I ever mentioned I am the TRUE inventor of the Snuggie?
and Yes, that is an "orb" in the top right corner of my photo.  Could you call Ghost Hunters for me Mel?

6. Here I am dreaming of my New $95,000 Super Charged Range Rover (but in WHITE!).
I'm now on their mailing list... poor suckers!
Oh lookie there, my MEDAL!!

7.  I bought these birds at Michael's 40% off (cause I'm saving $$ for my Range Rover, Super Charged... in White)

8. Darling and I are going to a crop today (scrapbooking party).  I'm taking around 100 pictures, because I usually have my face in the chocolate fountain and get 4 pages done in 12 hours.  For you scrapbookers out there.... do you still do all those fancy pages or are you like me: just trying to get them down on paper?  I'm glad I have some pretty elaborate pages when Darling was a baby, but... since she is my ONLY child I have 99,437 pictures of her just in that 1st year!
Takes a narcissist to make a narcissist!

9. I like the simplicity of their shop name, I think it's says all it needs to:
(ok, i cut off the BE, but really, the shop name is ALL you need)

10 Have you seen these cases in Angela's shop:
Gingers Girl?...
Aren't they CUTE!!??
Ok, I'm off to shine my medal, then crop!!
Have a fabulous weekend!


Funny in My Mind said...

It is a good day when we can take our children to see penis exhibits.
The horse is hilarious.
I love my Keurig!
Before I read the caption to the pic, I said to myself, "that is an apparition on that there photo" and then you said it! (Mel and I are very similar)
I found a range Rover i liked the other day, it was only $30,000 (used) but my Suburban is bigger and the RR was a pukey green color. I do love them though.
I used to do Creative Memories and they used to oohh and aahh over all my creative pages but I only got like 7 pics down a day.
Now all my pics live in the computer and I could never catch up with how many we have.

Melanie said...

Jason and Grant are on the way, but I think your orb is a camera strap...

Second place is awesome and I'm not sure whether I'm more jealous of that or your coffee maker. I wanted one but instead I got a Philosophy case set that promises significant improvement in overall skin appearance in 8 weeks. I guess that's his way of saying, "You don't need coffee, you need fewer wrinkles." So enjoy your coffee and your medal while I sit over here in a "Help Me!" mask.

KJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KJ said...

WAY TO GO on the 5k! I love, love, love the polka dots... thanks for sharing!

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