Monday, February 28, 2011

A tale of a slutty zit....

So, I'm sitting here sweating a tiny bit, heart beating rapidly wondering WHAT in the world to blog about today.  The fact that I had a giant zit under my eye Saturday? A zit so big it kinda looked like I got punched in the face? (you are WELCOME for not taking a picture of it!).  A zit so big and sexy it went out behind the middle school, got itself knocked up and made a baby zit close by....i kid you NOT! Thankfully the bottom rim of my glasses hit in the perfect spot to somewhat disguise it.  I had a crop to go to Saturday and not only did I wear LOTS of eye makeup to encourage your eye to look AWAY from my baby mama zit

I made sure to wear this too...
Please refer back to Friday's post of how I will be living off this glory FOREVAHHHHHHhhhhh, who wants to slap the crap out of me already?
So, Saturday Darling and I went to a crop at my pal CheekyGreens  Darling had a new DS game and Cheeky had a chocolate fountain so that pretty much was a recipe for success.  Darling ate more sugar Saturday than she has since December when we were at Disney!  Did I take ANY pictures... NO!  I guess when I saw the 327 pictures I was SURE I was going to get scrapbooked (yeah, right) Saturday I was too fearful to take more. 
Let's get back to my zit, shall we?  I was quite sure this zit (and her baby) would be the ruination of me and my social standings so I went to work on packing her bag (and diaper bag) as quickly as possible!  Here's what worked for me:
1. Wash the 37 layers of concealer off with a hot wash cloth. I heard those Zino zit zappers use heat, so that was the reason for this. I'm sure it wasn't hot enough nor did it target the area...although the area was pretty stinkin BIG, but it made me feel better!
2. put several layers of "zit zapper" on baby and Mama.  I got it at Target and it's basically Witch Hazel.
3. take a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and dab periodically throughout the day.
4. wear triple antibiotic cream covered by a Kai Lan band-aide to bed.
I'm no Dr. (although my dream was always to marry one), but this worked.  Big mama and her baby hit the road!
I'm telling you, I was so lucky as a teen, I don't even remember having a zit, but then....the 30's hit and WHOA!  I talked to my Dr. a few years back and she suggested microderm abrasion.  Most of us can't afford to do that EVERY week, but I found by using the one in a bottle by MaryKay has REALLY REALLY helped.
So here I was thinking I had nothing to blog about and now I've helped a nation!
You're welcome!  Now get out there and wash yo' FACE!


Angela said...

Oh my gosh, every once in a while I will get the biggest darn zit! It puts me in misery --WHY? I am's not fair...blah blah blah... luckily I don't get them very often. BUT I did have my fair share as a teen so it is only fair - OH and I had the biggest one of my life on my Wedding Day so really, I should never have to have one again!!
LOVE that you wore your metal to the crop! TOO funny!

Lanyardlady said...

Which was bigger? The zit or your medal?

Kristi said...

Here's a tip from Cheeky Green - Strawberries...rub some strawberry on a zit you feel coming on or already great...benefit - you get to eat the strawberry, just rub the "bit off" end on your face. The strawberry tastes extra-good when dipped into the chocolate fountain!

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