Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIY's And the winner is.....

(who hopes I get hand lotion for my birthday-good grief!!)
Angela of Pickles on Pizza!!  
See that extra entry worked for ya!!  IF you don't know of Angela and her blog: pickles on pizza, her Vintage shop on etsy: gingers girl AND her handmade shop: CutNGlue then hit the links and check her out!!
Oh my gosh, look how excited she is that she won... she's ON HER WAY NOW

For those of you that did NOT win... I have ANOTHER give-away!
I MAY have mentioned this before, but.... it IS my birthday month, so I'm feeling generous!
Up Next...a hand poured heart shaped soap!  Did I mention it's GLITTERY and smells like Champagne?!  
Same rules:
leave a comment here, get an extra entry by bringing a friend into my cult...err my blog, blog about it, tweet, facebook...whatever!  Basically, any type of pimping my blog works for me!
I'm working on another DIY... SHUT UP!!  I know!!  Yesterday I did nothin' but laundry and cleaning so today, I'm treating myself to the whole day in my studio!
In the meantime, check out these awesome DIY's
Hershey Kiss bouquet, easy peasy!! Kid friendly!

little missmomma.blogspot
I know this isn't a "Valentine" project necessarily, but if your sweetie is taking you out for dinner on the 14th, wouldn't this be cute to wear?! What about one in pink or red??!!  This is so much easier than it looks!!
Let me tell you a secret, Little Miss Momma has the cutest tutorials...make sure you crafty gals check her out!
3-D love art!
Ok, leave a comment on THIS post to win a heart shaped soap made by little ol' me and Darling!


Angela said...

YAY!!! See, my extra entry was all about the winning!! Thanks!! I am assuming you already have my address ;)

Lanyardlady said...

Mom always liked Angela best....Well here's tossing my hat into the ring for some champagne soap unless the "Pimpin'" decal is available.

Angela said...

LOL!! I bet she could cut out a Pimpin' decal on her Cricut for you, Double L

chinamommy said...

Oh, you know I could!! Angela you ALWAYS give me the best business ideas!!

Will Write 4 Food said...

Oooo! Hershey kisses sound yummy! All I keep reading all night are food and candy posts! Ya'll are killing me! ;P

-Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food



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