Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Paper Valentine Cake Bunting!

Oh, I'm running late today, I was shopping ALL day, more on that later...
Here is a cute little DIY if you plan on baking for Valentine's Day.  You can make this cute little bunting  from junk you may already have in your craft room or kitchen.
1. Grab some bamboo skiers
 2. strips of paper cut into 2"X3" strips, glue gun,  and some stamps or stickers or valentine doo-dads.
3. find the middle and draw a line to the corners and cut the little flags out
 4. Stamp or use stickers to add "LOVE" or anything else you want to say... Add ribbons, flowers, rhinestones, glitter... you get the picture!
 5.  Put a thick line of glue down the edge and stick it onto your little decorated flag
6. Now stick them in your cupcakes or across the top of a cake
(or some oranges)
After I made these I made a little clothes line bunting...
I've seen something like these etsy, cute, hun?
For these I just folded some scrap paper over and eyeballed it...
This is Martha Stewart Baker's String... Hey Martha, why do you have to make it so hard to find the beginning of the string?  Anyone else ever use this?
Tie the string to each stick and hang the flags on... You could put a touch of glue, but I was finishing these 4 min. before I had to go get my cute little science nerd from science club!
Excuse my weird yellow wall...I hope to get rid of that soon...very soon!!
Here is another example of cake flags I did a couple years ago for Darling
That's it!!
Lator tators!!
Oh, 1 more thing 199 followers?!?!! 1 more to be at 200, come on....throw me a bone, it's almost my birthday! and speaking of birthday...go sign up to win a cute little bar of heart shaped soap that smells like champagne!  When was that Tuesday?  Go find the post and sign up!!


Lanyardlady said...

I need a hankie. The cuteness is overwhelming!

Angela said...

Dabs at Double L's ^ eyes

Very cute!! You are getting VERY crafty and really great at your tutorials!! YAY!

chinamommy said...

hee, hee!! you girls crack me up!! Thank you!

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