Thursday, June 4, 2009

i AM ridiculous...

so the other day i buy darling daughter the above t-shirt (old navy). in my head it's for the LAST day of kindergarten, which is today. as i'm yelling at her, errrrr, i mean prodding her gently to HURRY UP cause we're, of course, running late today (ok, EVERY day...), i start to grab her clothes: undies- check, jean skirt (which she'll wear because it has a pair of "shorts" inside)- check, socks- check, t-shirt.... T-SHIRT????? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-SHIRTTTTTTTT???? Where or where is that t-shirt??????????? i immediately go into panic mode because, after all, THIS is the shirt that MUST be worn today because i bought it for today & today is the last day of school!!! Surely you can all see my point?! i go to her closet to look for the cream shirt & i mention "cream" because our closets are color coded... sick i know! i can't STAND if the closets aren't color coded!!!! if you knew me in college (KELLY!) you may find it hard to believe what a neat organized home i now live in! When boys walk by your dorm room & say "gross", you know it's NOT good! Anyway... it's not in the closet, so i immediately do what any sane person does- i panic: i tear her bed apart, i look under it, i look beside it- NO t-shirt. Now i convince myself the last place i saw it was in my laundry room, so i go through the laundry basket, the basket with the mister's clean folded clothes (& no he does NOT color code his closet!), the shoe closet, the old backpack (hey, you never know with me!), the new backpack, & behind the dryer. Ok, now i know she has 20 other shirts that are perfectly fine, BUT.... have i mentioned THIS is the shirt i bought for THIS day?! i look in my closet, i look in my art room, i look in the closet that houses the stereo system, i am about to go outside & check the dog poop- hey, i am a desperate woman here! By this time it's time to go over to the bus stop, i am a defeated woman... i vow to return to my home & FIND THAT SHIRT! i tear apart darlings closet & make a pile of everything that is too small & put it into a basket to be removed from the house! I go through the closet & pull all the empty hangers (yeah, i don't like those mixed in with the clothes...). i get down to the black/gray clothes & WHAT???? THERE IS THE T-SHIRT!!!! It wasn't cream, it's GRAY!!!!!!!!!! No wonder i couldn't find it.... Now as i read back over this i realize how silly it was to be so upset, i mean really... it's a T-SHIRT! i guess it's more the fact that i couldn't find it- let's go with that anyway. This has been kind of a yuck week- nothing major, but just this thing i have to deal with and i don't want to & i'm letting it make me all grouchy and crabby & blowing things out of proportion! Whew, i feel better now that i've vented! The shirt is found, now i can go downstairs & quit worrying about it. I just realized i am now "that girl" that has nothing REAL to worry about! I am going to stop my bad attitude right now & focus on everything i have to be thankful for, including the fact that i really have nothing to worry about!!
Hope YOU have a great day! Oh.... i forgot- the mister is a GRANDPA (again) today!! Welcome Baby Natalie!! A girl- i am so excited since there are already 2 grandSONS & i am a "girls-girl"! Oh & "NO", i am NOT a grandma!!! I am the step-Mom, but NOT a grandma, not when i have a 5 year old!!! :)


Little Miss Crafty said...

That made me laugh my arse off!

zoe said...

Grandma? INDEED NOT NOW you don't even look like*hahahaha* Diva mom maybe :>

I hate so much on finding my lost in the house, i yell! i scream!


LillySue said...

Oh, Dear.....You must embrace your inner grannyness. What do the boys call you?? (or will call you?) A new baby granddaughter will help you along! Just who said we had to be done with having babies before we became gramas. We are modern, multi-tasking women...We can be ALL we want to be. I am a Mom, Teacher, Artist, Home Engineer, Friend and someday will LOVE to be a Granny. I want my teens to wait, but if my first born had lived, he would be 25 and I could have been a granny by age 40. To be a granny is to form a unique relationship with a child and to be held in extreme esteem if done right!!
Disclaimer...(this is only MY opinion!!) Your first step to embracing your grannyness would be to post pics of the new little cutie!!

loveofbeads said...

LOL about the shirt--I GET it, you bought it for the last day of school--to not use it for that... it's a little sad.... :-)

I don't color code, but I was strangely attracted to the idea! :-)

Congrats on the new baby!

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