Thursday, June 25, 2009

This ain't your gramma's embroidery...

That's what they're saying over at Sublime Stitching and check out what's below if you don't believe it!! How stinking cute are these? I'm a total OCD crafter, i have a little bit of everything and after finding this site, you know i gotsta, gotsta have me some of these patterns! Right now buy 3 (& they're cheap, like $5!!) and your 4th is 1/2 price!
These cuties are by the darling Emily of TheBlackApple
Vintage lamps!

artwork by Kurt Halsey, cute hun??

i HATE camping (long story, i'll share later), but this... no, not even this makes me want to, but i would love to have a little camper stitched on a T!

The artwork of Lisa Petrucci

~*naughty librarians*~

Julie West... are you dying?

Handmade Nation

and of course i ♥ these little Chinese/Asian goodies:

I haven't embroidered since, what?... 7th or 8th grade. It's a hello kitty pillow & i still have it! My friend, Lisa, drew the pattern for me- she was the school ARTIST and had such an amazing talent even in 4th grade when i met her!
The only other stitching i did was in girl scouts.... Yes, girl scouts! Our group was... i'm trying to be really NICE here, we were "eclectic", to say the least! Our leader was the janitor at the elementary school & always wore day glow colored polyester pants. i remember some quilt we made & practiced stitches on it, the quilt was made from all these tiny squares of (what else?) POLYESTER! It was the UGLIEST, scratchiest, plastickiest, tackiest thing EVER & is still etched in my brain! It was every color from the loudest purple to the goldest gold to brown plaid.... UGH! We met in the basement of the library which was rather musty & dingy. the girls in my group... i only remember 4 of us: myself, my best friend & 2 sisters. The sisters were from that 1 family in town that was just.... well, different. Now, PLEASE don't think i am making fun of these girls in ANY way, because i would NEVER do that. These girls (& their 1 brother) were the kids from our special ed program & the sweetest most innocent kids ever. I lived in a VERY tiny town at this time so everyone knew this family- you know what i mean. I happen to have some really fond memories of those girls. We were probably in 5th grade & went to girl scout camp. Our leader thought we could tough it out in the "cabins" with no electricity, which equals NO HEAT. It must have been a fall camp out cause it was FREEZIN! Well these girls were trying to layer clothes to keep warm & i'm talking several shirts, a couple pair of pants, all their socks...
My other memory is of their mother showing up at the library one night to pick the girls up & she was wearing: baby blue crocheted PANTS! I was all like "oh my gosh, why is she wearing those you can totally see her underpants through those". No thong for this mom, i can still see those giant white undies under the baby blues!
Yeah, good times in girl scouts...
Have a great day & GO VOTE!!!!! (for me, please!!)



Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm hungry for cupcakes, and longing for an all skate.


Fun times.

Anonymous said...

Man I keep clicking different things and losing the music player, which I might say is the LEAST annoying music player on the entire internet. I'm going to come here just to save on downloads.

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