Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i interrupt this post for a STORM!

i tried all day yesterday to post but my connection was so poor i couldn't upload any pictures. last night i FINALLY was able to get on here, i got the tub filled for darling daughter and sat down & started to type when WHAMO- a storm blew up & scared the crap out of me. i ran into the bathroom, scrubbed DD a fast as i could, got her in her towel & the power went out! The mister was helping deliver some giant wood jungle gym swing set thingy to his 1 daughter's house. The daughter that just had the new baby... and speaking of the new baby...
here she is with her Aunt: The mister & his new granddaughter! When the mister got home the power was still out so we drove around like ambulance chasers checking out the situation. we were checking out the lucky ducks with power & then ended up at Taco Bell. Once we headed home we noticed our area still was pretty dark so when we pulled in the drive we decided the mister would plug in the generator. Darling & i were inside brushing our teeth by candle light when i heard the generator fire up AND all the lights came on, not thanks to the generator, but the lights really WERE back on.
Well School is OUT for the summer! Here is my darling on her 1st day of school:
here she is on her LAST day of schooland here she is with her last day of school treat from Mommy & Daddy- YUMMM!
We did some major landscape remodel work around here this past weekend, i'll have some pics to share tomorrow!
AND... i actually made some cute (thank you very much) girl's headbands in the art room, i'll try to get some pictures of those too...
Happy Tuesday!

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♥zoe♥ said...

Cute Darling Daughter pictures!!!
I love to see your DD picture of her with BIG ICE-CREAM seem too funny & cute yes i am a ice-cream freak too indeed:P

How great to have someone modelling your pretty headbands, in fact the only person i can make my hubby modelling for these headbands i made turn out ridiculous HILAROUS on him!!!


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