Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Molly Ringwald here for my last (i'll TRY) installment of: "The 80's, Loud & Proud". Pretty in Pink... i so wanted to make my own funky clothes like Molly & i still do. i bought 2 skirts at Goodwill last week for the fabric, problem being: i have the sewing skills of a club footed unicorn! Rainbow Brite... Care Bears, Garfield, Teddy Ruxpin, Hello Kitty,

Atari! We never had one of these, we use to play it at my best friends house- they had all the cool toys like Atari & fake poop!
Roos'-loved that zipper! My brother & i both got a pair, mine were that "80's BLUE"This is a fine example of what dorks we truly were: we were SOOO excited when we got new shoes (& it's not like we lived under a bridge waiting for someone to throw us a pair from their car...) that i would sleep in his room on the top bunk and we would WEAR OUR SHOES TO SLEEP IN!
I wasn't cool enough for just the ankle warmer/dancer look (see above if you don't believe me-ha!), but i had full-on leg warmers that had matching sweaters! I have GOT to grab that photo album from my parents house this summer- because, as you may know by now: i have NO pride & am willing to show the good, bad, & the VERY ugly!

Even though i've always been a big lover of shoes, i never got into this jelly shoe thing, i think i had one pair (probably pink), but the whole sliding around in my own foot sweat was enough for me to go back to slouchy socks & Nike's!

Oh yeah, had me some Guess! My favorite pair: flat front, zipper on the side- everyone wanted to know where i got those babies!
Even though i wish i could say this was me... it isn't. Whoa Daddy, is he a sexy monkey or what?
i don't even know what to say about this hard-core, big hair lover!

Come on 80's... what WERE we thinkin'? i remember this make-up kit that was on the Today show when i was in HS (i know, i remember the most random things EVER..). It came with a rubber stamp like thing that you put in the orange, or purple, or hot pink eyeshadow then pressed it on the edge of your eyelids & it made a stamp of these wing/flame things that you could then fill in with your other gaudy eyeshadow. Well, you know i just HAD to have that thing! I remember i actually saw one around Christmas one year & it was like $45! Guess my mom wasn't going to buy a 15 year old eyeshadow flames- THANK YOU Mom!!
Ok, i've got to go grab a birthday gift for another Chuck E Cheese party tonight... Chuck E. Cheese, also someone from the 80's!
Some fun artists tomorrow... :)
Oh yeah... i have a store on etsy too- go check it out!

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zoe said...

When talk about shoes, i'm a big fan of Adidas & nike at my age of 12! 18 going for sure some heels type and now slipper...lol

My parents will only buy me a pair of new shoes on every chinese new year! How precious i cherish that moment, yes i do put my new shoes beside my bed too *lol*


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