Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My blog has ADD

i was thinking the other day how some blogs are able to pick a topic & stay with it. they are about art, or fashion, or their families, or mullets. when i 1st started this blog it was to highlight my artwork for sale on etsy but i got bored! i'm not bored with art, but just about talking about 1 thing, that is SO not my personality- i have a hard time staying on task for more than 2 min. So i hope you're enjoying the ride in my "blue-jeans" van!! So today: general photo randomness then some super cute kawaii artists...
1st off is the Mr. & his hoe... he will not leave her alone-i think he loves her! This picture looks like he's going after the lawn, but what you can't see is the super-delicious garden just below the hill in our backyard. My circus cats on the tramp (hoe, tramp...where is this post going??) trampoline! I wish they would jump on it & i could put them on youtube, but they just lay there trying to get warm. although, 1 time some friends stopped over while one of the cats was inside the netting. Their kids spooked the cat a bit (they aren't real tame...) and he took off running up around the netting- Like those motorbikes that drive in that big ball- it was hilarious for a min. but then i had to tell the kids to back off so my cat didn't totally lose it! i know the netting looks a little rough on this baby, but the mister has to chase it across a field once...
the movie "UP", which we LOVED (in 3-D). this was SO cute & had a great message!!! i love how the little boyscout is Asian-isn't he CUTE??... you know i have a weakness for Asian kids!!!!
and then... these artists that i just have to highlight 'cause i love their work! ALL found on etsy:

1st up: tummymountain

this one will soon be hanging in "the art room", i HAD to have it!
and then this cutie: kilsookthis is another one i had to have, as soon as i find a frame worthy of her, she'll be hanging in my entry way!
another couple by kilsook!!
Ok, i hope you enjoyed the pics! i'm off to darling daughter's kindergarten beach party today. she left in her black leggings, t-shirt, jean jacket & Maui hat... she kept saying "i look like a 1st grader, don't i Mom?" Tomorrow is her LAST day of kindergarten, i can't believe it... the time really is flying by. Yes, i am totally going to cry tomorrow ...

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