Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes, here we are in all our 80's glamour! You'll see the mister went with the Miami Vice look! Not so easy to find a vintage prom tux without spending BIG BUCK$! This IS the dress I wore to my Sr. Prom in 1987! Geesh... i am now vintage myself!
Here are friends of ours that were crowned King & Queen... yeah, they stuffed the ballot box :) The queen wasn't even old enough to remember the 80's... she borrowed her dress. Love those giant ruffle puffs on the sleeves, the asymmetrical hemline & the giant bow at the waist :)

You'll notice my friends are the only ones doing this dance!

and here are the 6 of us
We had so much fun!! It was put on by 99.1 radio station out of Lansing, MI. They had "school characters" there: the lunch lady, janitor, coach, the principal... There were flowers & balloons & a photographer & UNlike high school: a cash bar! I was so annoyed with myself, we were going to get our pictures taken, but got caught up in the (wine) fun & totally forgot... Oh well, i had my camera (of course) & took tons of pictures.

As we were in the car leaving for "the prom" i got this email from the darling "zoe" showing me this hilarious GOLD 80's formal
The 80's... ya gotta love them, has there ever been a more gaudy, trashy time? i think back on the huge rhinestone jewelry i use to wear with jewel tone everything and all the fluorescent... oh brother!
i really neglected my blog last week- sorry, so i'm going to try & get back on track...


LillySue said...

Too fun! I had my prom dress too, till my Mom didn't pay the storage unit bill and had never told me she put my boxes in her storage unit. Lost my drill team uniform and my year book too, sigh.....Oh, would just be more STUFF to haul thru life! Love the color of your dress, mine was PINK!

zoe said...

Dang GIRL! SO GORGEOUS VINTAGE 80'D DRESS! Aren't you should be crowned Prom queen i prefer yours and love the dress colour so much! Great to hear you had a blast on that nite!

*lol* while i was checking out ebay and i found that cool GOLD 80's can't wait to show you when i thought about you are going for prom nite.

Fun pictures!

loveofbeads said...

A true delight!! And aren't you proud that you are the same size as 1987!! You go, girl!!

I can tell I am a girl of the 80s--or maybe just like shiny things? I did a little "oooh!" at your dress before I checked myself! ;-)

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