Monday, June 29, 2009

Caution: Interior Designer at WORK!!

Hey, the blog contest lasts till July 6th- you can vote 1 time EVERY day, so... get it on! Introduce your friends to my blog, get me to 1st place & win a PINK Kitchen Aide mixer!!

Just kidding, but that would be awesome, hun?

are you ready to choke me for begging for votes, do you wish i would burn the tips of my fingers off so i couldn't type a beg?

Ok, today i want to show you whats going on around here:This is our front entry- isn't it UGLY? The above picture was taken when the mister & i first started dating. I knew when i saw it, it would HAVE to be redone! Ha, i think the 1st time i ever walked into his house I was re-decorating it in my head! Actually, the 1st time i saw his home, I was surprised a single guy lived here- it was too "nice".

I've hated that wall color forever... dead grey-green, the color of a 3 day old corpse. I'm not usually a fan of the color yellow, but this entry needed to be YELLOW. It has that huge window, it's the front entry & it leads into the main part of our home. I picked a color from the Ralph Lauren collection, went to the store and picked...
the wrong one!
i went with the darker, more yellow one... i put it up & thought, i'm just going to live with it, i picked it, i painted & i'm going to make it work. or not...

here it is 1/2 way downYou can really tell in this next picture how YELLOW it is & yikes, when the sun comes up in the morning- grab your SPF 70!

Now i'm worrying, i've picked, i've painted, and i'm not thrilled...Ewww, ugly green, too bright yellow and, OAK! i HATE oak!

Saturday the Mister & i headed to get supplies to get this finished up. First stop: my favorite breakfast place! and that's when it happened, again...

i walked in & remembered this was the place that i was designing my home after! i LOVE the decor of this place! It has the colors i love and the style. The moment i walked in I could see the entire project finished: the fabrics, the colors, the doors, the trim, even the stairway! I got my design mo-jo BACK!

I can't wait for you to see what we've done!!!

Eclectic, cottage with artsy touches- that's what i'm going for! I've got to get the 1 wall with a 2nd coat & then add the... Venetian Plaster! We've got 1 side totally done, but i don't want to post pictures till it's complete.
In doggy news: Mr. Theodore Winston is now nut less... He's happy in his new PINK bed! We dropped him off yesterday morning, picked him up yesterday afternoon & he's a new boy... err.... dog, i guess! This puppy thing isn't for the faint of ♥. Only 2 pee-pee accidents & i'm going to make sure that's the last of it...
Have a great day!

D-O double G in the house...

Go vote for me as funniest, then come back & confirm the fact you were right...
that was me bein' all up in yo face gangsta style... that fancy title there. Yeah, right, my great fear is coming face to face with Snoop Doggie diggity dog-dog & not having a thing to say but "so, is your wife scrapbooking your Rap career ?"- i'm cool like that! Wait, how am i now talking about rap? This post is about the D-O, double G=dog! Now anyone that knows me knows i have NO love for the dogs..No, i don't think your dog is cute, No, it does not look like fun, Yes, it does smell bad. i just don't like them- save the hate mail! But what is it about becoming a mother that makes you throw all caution to the wind & do stupid things like throw slumber parties & give kids puppies? Honestly i swore i would go to the ends of the Earth to deprive my child the chance of a childhood made happy by being the owner of a dog. And then along came.... yorkie! Or the dream of a Yorkie rather. Did it all start with Paris Hilton & her dog in a designer bag wearing a diamond collar & tiny Dolce & Gabbana outfits? Ok, so maybe at 1st I wanted to BE that dog, but i guess a seed was planted. It doesn't take much once you share the dream of a miniature puppy with a small girl, the next thing you know it's taken on a life of it's own & she is the one wanting the dog- no really, it WAS HER! Her 6th birthday is in July, so now i have the perfect excuse.
To make a long story longer...
Our good friend, whom i'll call: Pioneer Mom, had the 411, the hook-up, the name of a lady who raises Yorkies. I've also decided that perhaps Pioneer Mom is the hook up for a lot of good stuff in general- she's currently on the prowl for an "outbuilding" that a farmer no longer wants that's not too big & not too small & kinda cute that could be converted into: an art studio on our property! but again... i digress....


We call the breeder & she has little 5 month old boy left & she's wanting to find a home for him. What's the hurry? Well, we find out there is something "wrong" with this little guy, but because i feel everyone have the opportunity to be loved, i press on. He's a special needs dog apparently... he has- are you ready? horror of horrors....
an under bite.
HUN? Well, apparently, in the world of "show dogs" that is the kiss of death. When we go for our initial meeting, i ask about this horrid facial deformity, because, honestly- i can't see anything wrong with him. Of course due to the fact i was raised by "The Queen of EXTREME Thinking", i'm expecting bottom teeth up to his eyebrows, excessive drooling & and an oxygen tank strapped to his back. Have you seen the movie or read the book by Kate DiCamillo: "Because of Winn Dixie"? The people who meet Winn Dixie all say he's smiling at them. That's the look our pup is going for, those little teeth on the bottom give him a cute little "smile". Darling daughter was at her grandma's this weekend, so i wanted to surprise her Sunday when she got home, even thought we're a month early for the birthday the puppy was ready!
To say my child does NOT get real excited is a HUGE understatement! I knew i would way OVER plan, but what can i say: i do get real excited! I had a birthday balloon, a birthday cake, the mister ready with the camera, the video-camera set up on a dish pointed at the door and the dog in my arms wearing a bumble-bee doggie-T!
Here's one of the 1st pictures of her coming towards the puppy... see how she's all FREAKING OUTThe "pretend" birthday party!The final result=true ♥
Introducing: Theodore Winston, known as
I know these 2 are on their way to becoming fast friends :)
Now if i can just quit screaming "quit pulling on his neck with that leash!!!!!!!!!!" this is also the 5 year anniversary of when i met my daughter! IF you're new around here- i adopted as a 1st (& only) choice! I never ever, ever wanted to give birth. From the time i was 8 or 9 i KNEW that i was called to adopt from China. This child has been the absolute love of my life from the second they emailed me a tiny picture of her at 4 months old. I can't imagine my life without her & if you've EVER thought for a second about adopting a child- DO IT! If you have any questions about the process, i'm more than happy to share what i know. i used Great Wall China Adoption if you want to check out their site- they were awesome!
To celebrate this wonderful day we went to our favorite Japanese (yeah, i know...) Steakhouse.♥~love~♥Darling in her pink cow-girl hat... i can't BELIEVE she'll wear that thing in public, she usually goes to great lengths to avoid being noticed... yeah? what's up with that?

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This ain't your gramma's embroidery...

That's what they're saying over at Sublime Stitching and check out what's below if you don't believe it!! How stinking cute are these? I'm a total OCD crafter, i have a little bit of everything and after finding this site, you know i gotsta, gotsta have me some of these patterns! Right now buy 3 (& they're cheap, like $5!!) and your 4th is 1/2 price!
These cuties are by the darling Emily of TheBlackApple
Vintage lamps!

artwork by Kurt Halsey, cute hun??

i HATE camping (long story, i'll share later), but this... no, not even this makes me want to, but i would love to have a little camper stitched on a T!

The artwork of Lisa Petrucci

~*naughty librarians*~

Julie West... are you dying?

Handmade Nation

and of course i ♥ these little Chinese/Asian goodies:

I haven't embroidered since, what?... 7th or 8th grade. It's a hello kitty pillow & i still have it! My friend, Lisa, drew the pattern for me- she was the school ARTIST and had such an amazing talent even in 4th grade when i met her!
The only other stitching i did was in girl scouts.... Yes, girl scouts! Our group was... i'm trying to be really NICE here, we were "eclectic", to say the least! Our leader was the janitor at the elementary school & always wore day glow colored polyester pants. i remember some quilt we made & practiced stitches on it, the quilt was made from all these tiny squares of (what else?) POLYESTER! It was the UGLIEST, scratchiest, plastickiest, tackiest thing EVER & is still etched in my brain! It was every color from the loudest purple to the goldest gold to brown plaid.... UGH! We met in the basement of the library which was rather musty & dingy. the girls in my group... i only remember 4 of us: myself, my best friend & 2 sisters. The sisters were from that 1 family in town that was just.... well, different. Now, PLEASE don't think i am making fun of these girls in ANY way, because i would NEVER do that. These girls (& their 1 brother) were the kids from our special ed program & the sweetest most innocent kids ever. I lived in a VERY tiny town at this time so everyone knew this family- you know what i mean. I happen to have some really fond memories of those girls. We were probably in 5th grade & went to girl scout camp. Our leader thought we could tough it out in the "cabins" with no electricity, which equals NO HEAT. It must have been a fall camp out cause it was FREEZIN! Well these girls were trying to layer clothes to keep warm & i'm talking several shirts, a couple pair of pants, all their socks...
My other memory is of their mother showing up at the library one night to pick the girls up & she was wearing: baby blue crocheted PANTS! I was all like "oh my gosh, why is she wearing those you can totally see her underpants through those". No thong for this mom, i can still see those giant white undies under the baby blues!
Yeah, good times in girl scouts...
Have a great day & GO VOTE!!!!! (for me, please!!)


Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, monday...

Yeah, when you're trying to be voted the funniest blog you always start with a catchy title like the day of the week written twice... wow, i'm really killing today aren't i? A day so nice, you wanna say it twice... so GO VOTE!
Just so you know this steroid i'm on for the poison ivy has made the itch go away, totally away & for that, i couldn't be more thankful, really, i couldn't! i seriously thought my left boob was going to be down 2 inches, it was a horrid thing, the whole boob itching. i don't know, i don't think it was too obvious to rub it up & down on the pole at Target, do you? Yeah, sorry about that lady with 3 small boys... whatever, IT ITCHED! A few people told me i'd want to eat everything in my sight, but thankfully, that has not been my cross to bear with this med! But HYPER... oh boy! the other night i went on this cleaning rampage that would have put June Cleaver in the fetal position! it was frightening, so much so the mister headed to the couch & just stayed out of my way (which is not the norm for my super deluxe husband who is a GREAT help around the house!). The 1st few nights i didn't sleep well, but now it's like i'm in SUPER-HYPER mode then i crash like someone threw a "mickey" in my drink. And speaking of mickey... is it a mickey or a jimmy or a beanie- heck, i don't know! let's just call it the "date rape drug" because that's one i've heard of- you know from my obsession to true life crime stories! Thankfully i've never been on one of those shows, but i am just waiting to see someone i know profiled! Sick, i know! The job at the carpet store i had that i hated so much did lead me to have part of that dream come true! the mister & i were watching a show one night & they are doing an interview with the Medical Examiner. Well, low & behold if i didn't sell that woman carpet! Oh man, i felt like carpet royalty... or maybe a loser cause i sold carpet & she is this super cool medical examiner digging around in the innards of a stranger! I couldn't poke a needle into the arm of a live person, but a dead one... i think i'd be ok. I don't like the whole "you're numb and you can't feel me breaking your nose with a hammer to give you a cute nose like Cameron Diaz thing", but a dead person... they're not EVER going to feel it & for some odd reason that gives me peace!
When i sat down at the computer i had no idea what i was going to post today, i thought it was about some good movies i've seen recently or the fact i have not "bonded" with my new Blythe doll that i HAD to have, but no here i am going on & on about my freakish desire to be a medical examiner (& gee, did everyone catch on to the fact that i really wish i had a different nose?...).
Now that i've moved myself into "weirdest/demented" category & out of "funniest", i've leave you with "cutest":
♥the 2 GREAT LOVES of my LIFE!♥

i can't stand it, i just LOVE this picture so much... Ahhhhh...

Happy Monday, monday everyone!

GET YOUR VOTE ON! (pathetic, i know!)


Friday, June 19, 2009

i got beat up by 2 hoes in 1 day...

Before i tell you how 2 (not 1, but 2) hoes beat me up yesterday, i must remind you to:
I'm in the "funniest" category & though i may not deserve funnIEST, i want it & am only a few thousand behind (still! come on people- get the word out!)
Yesterday darling daughter & i headed out to get the mister something for father's day because he's awesome & it IS father's day! So, if your wife stays home & you bring home the bacon, you're basically buying your own gift, but whatever...
We found some things which i can't list since he is a good & faithful reader & VOTER. There is a cool toy store at one of the malls here (i just asked darling daughter the name & she said "i dunno, learning something") with all kinds of cool educational things (she's a nerd like that). We stopped in & there it was the MUST have toy... a hoe! Hey as long as my girl never IS a hoe, i'm good! She insisted she needed it to "help dad with his garden" & if you've been reading you know the mister has a garden & a HOE! Let me just say: he's having a small affair with both & i'm fine with it, esp. when the zuc's come up- cause then i'll be having a love-fest of my own, don't get me started on my zucchini recipes!
anyway, we buy the said "baby hoe" & head home. Once we get home i grab the camera so i can get the hoe shot (give me a break she's my only child & i literally have pictures of her eating her 1st cheese sandwich- sick, i know!). Well, she is dragging this hoe behind her (& in front of ME) because we haven't had the obligatory talk about how to properly handle a hoe. i step on this thing & it FLIES up & whacks me in the knee so hard, i have an instantaneous desire to go all incredible hulk on this thing & throw it into the woods so far it will never be seen again! i'm telling you what, it HURT! i thought my knee cap was going to be laying beside me on the lawn. So after i recover & give darling a stern talking to about how to properly carry a hoe, i head to the front to continue my work of ridding the landscaped area of ugly bushes. Do you know that kid of mind acted like she was mad AT ME?? what?? just because i forced her to apologize to me... ok far be it from me to act like i wasn't all "drama-queen" about it, but seriously, i could have been in one of those old people RASCAL wheelchair things!
i head to the front yard & after a while darling comes out & don't you know she leaves that thing on the ground with the tines (i think that's what they're called) UP! i stepped on it AGAIN but this time my leopard like reflexes kicked in & i avoided another near death experience, but i did throw it with my steroid pumped up muscles into the front of the yard! have i mentioned i'm on steroid's for poison ivy?
i finish off my work out front & head back to check out my 7 roses that need planted SOON, when here comes darling AND the mister with their hoes. it was like a bad scene from one of those old time movies about the Salem Witch Trials, the only thing they aren't coming towards me with are burning torches! They're headed to the garden together-wheww, or so i think... Mister heads toward me & don't you know he let's loose of his hoe & WHACKS me in the left boob! Now my poor left boob is having a hard enough time as it's been scratched down 2-4 inches by the poison ivy that's been torturing me. So now i've been beat down by TWO hoes & am now expected to make them supper, well it's frozen pizza for these 2 & nothing else!
that was quite cathartic to tell you the story, maybe now i can quit making them both apologize to me over & over & carry me everywhere on my tufted velvet pillow.
it maybe a bit late on these father's day items, but i had to share! All of these are from etsy (duh) & the seller's shop name is below each picture:
lupin - how cute is this black beard disguise? & you can get one to match your guys hair color! she has all kinds of cool felt items, but this is a must have, don't you think?
ok, so after the whole hoe thing there is NO WAY my mister is getting this, but what man wouldn't love a slingshot from katesy?

if your man has own bathroom like mine does (thank goodness), you need to check out Householdwords for their cool toilet decals! they've even got ones you'd want in your bathroom too, i mean really, toilets are NOT pretty & those furry toilet covers do NOT fancy them up any (sorry Grandma, not even your hot pink furry one!).

Greenbriar does these amazing terrarium's- low maintenance & if your man is like mine that's what he needs so he has more time to beat you with his hoe! They have all kinds of great containers, & they'd even do well in an office with low light!

cufflinks - your place for all kinds of nerd-boy cuff links & tie tacks! totally sweet stuff! this picture also shows the jewelry their other store has, but i like how it showed a lot of his stuff! Nerdalicious!!

chpshopstore has a cool father/son or daughter t-shirt set in this cute metal tin! dress your kid like a nerd now before they have a chance to get cool!

beadworkbyamanda has a cool circuit keyring for dad! Perfect for those computer types!

babypop... what more can i say about this cape?! i know it's something that every dad has the right to wear! fart on dad, fart on!

last but not least: AVAZAVA has this cool t-shirt of chimps riding a bike & like the others- a MUST have for Dad!
Hope you have a wonderful day with your dad or significant other this Sunday! i leave you with this photo of darling daughter in the cape i made her the other day. This cape is MAGIC & turns her into a goof-ball! she is the most mature/serious kid & i LOVE to see her act like a real 5 year old, so "yes", i did let her jump off the dining room table! Don't worry, under strict adult supervision with foam padding on everything.
ok, go vote (EVERY day till July 6th!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yeah, i know this post isn't even remotely funny, but go ahead, vote for me in the "funniest" category (see link above-just click on the icon).
Some pictures of the 3 new headbands i made for my etsy shop: chinamommy
they'll be listed this week.

thanks for looking!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Excuse me, is that a dent in your boob?

I know my title has you on the edge of your seat, but 1st let me harass you about voting for me (see the icon on the side) EVERY day until July 6th (or was it 7th?, i think it's the 6th...). You'll find me in the "FUNNIEST" category & even though i may not be the FUNNIEST, i want to win & i'm only behind by over 1,000 votes- put on your rally cap!!

The pressure of being voted "funniest" has put much undo pressure on me, i mean seriously, i can't fall asleep at night worrying about what i could possibly say that would rocket me into the position of FUNNIEST... i don't know that this will do it, but this is it for today: i was getting ready to wash a couple bras this weekend & it got me thinking about MY bras. A few years ago (the most terrible time in my life) when i was at a place where i could only buy a bra at Target (not that i don't LOVE that place) or TJ Maxx, i didn't realize the slums my boobs were residing in. Now, let me say: my boobs do NOT deserve the Taj Mahal hall, nor do they need that type of support!

There are certain ladies in my life (whom shall remain nameless) that DO need this this type of support & when they told me the price they were paying for these large luxury suites, i could NOT believe it! I felt like a BIG spender if i paid $9.99! Well, anyway i went on with my $7.99 low income apt bras for years not realizing the benefit of a $38 + bra even for us tiny gals. You see, the problem with a bra that costs $7.99 is this: they try to be nice & give us a little "boost" with some cheap foam and do you know what happens when you throw cheap foam in the wash? Yep, it gives you the look of someone who slammed their boob in a door! I spent years walking around with these tiny deformed boobs! EVERY bra i had was misshapen with a big fold across one boob or a large dent. Now, i probably should have been babying these cheap bras & washing them by hand in special soap, but i guess at that time i thought i could just throw them in with the regular laundry & they would come out looking like their brand new $7.99 self! I will say i did use one of those lingerie bags (& then spent 20 minutes untangling them after the wash) after a mishap with a strap getting hooked around the center of the washer & making a strap large enough to go around 10 people! So anyway the Christmas right before my Mister & i got married, he surprised me with a matching set from.... VICTORIA's SECRET! Have you read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella? The character Becky has this thing where she goes from one shopping obsession to another: 1st she is all about clothing, then it's luggage, then housewares.... Well, i can identify with this character in a few ways. I would just be nuts about socks (& yes, i have tons!), then maybe it would be pajama pants, then jeans... anyway, i just never caught on that i should be focusing on BRAS! When i first saw the $ amount the mister had paid for that tiny bra, my mouth fell open... i mean really, it's a 34A for crying out loud (no secrets on this blog ladies!!). BUT then... i tried it on & my girls sang with glee! The straps (thought they do have an easy job on me) were so soft-no scratchy fake lace, the color so pink, and the CUPS (if you want to call them that on an "A")- so smooth! After the 1st washing i was sold! Yes, i did gentle cycle, but that had never made a difference before. I can't tell you the joy when i pulled that bra out & she was in the same shape as the day i got her! So here it is, over a year later & that 1st VS bra was NOT my last! I am here to tell you, i will never go back to those bent, deformed, dented bras again. I remember talking with some of my friends about how i would NEVER pay $__.__ for a STINKING BRA!!!! Well, that is not true & i am so happy to be dent-free!

i'm a BELIEVER!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get your VOTE on!!

Happy Sunday... don't forget to go vote... FOR MY BLOG! See the little icon on the side? hit it & head to "funniest", yeah, i'm not, but... whatever- throw me a bone, would ya?
I've got to get outside & get my clearance-bug-infested rose bushes in the ground, but HAVE to introduce you to "the babies"!
Here is Sophie
from Lft to Rt: Rockie, Sophie & BobMiss Ella Bella
see how they run to me when i open the door of the "dog"house? it's because they know if they don't come runnin' i'll be after them with the butterfly net & they'll be loved, & hugged, & sqeezed & smooched on whether they like it or not!! They WILL love me...
Seriously... a baby kitten AND a cutie with a juice moustache? Everyone now: Awwwwwww!!!
this is them TRYING to hide from us a few days ago and now... they have tamed right down!
Ok, go vote- don't make me BEG (not that i wouldn't!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh soooo sorry....

Oh brother was yesterday's post a real SNOOZERor what?.... no seriously, i worried about it all day so now i leave you with an "extra added value" post! Not only will i leave you with 2 NOT 1, but 2 funny pictures i will also let you in on a very funny story. This is a story most would love to forget, but i, on the other hand, am all about drawing attention to myself, however much i shouldn't! Most people would like to hide the embarrassing & the ugly, but not me! See, i totally SHOULD be famous, i'd probably call the tabloids myself! Ok, now that i know you're crazy with anticipation, i will move on to the 2 funny pictures:
1. seriously, do i even need to make a comment? i think not & for once will hold my tongue & behave mature instead of opening my mouth & proving i have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy...
do they think they're being discreet?2. Funny AND Cute all in one!
Ok, the pictures... were they all i promised & more? Now for the story:
4 years before i adopted my daughter, i worked at a job i HATED: i sold carpet. Now why in the world would anyone sell carpet you ask... WELL, they sucked me in by posting this out front:
Designer Wanted!
Well, i thought, i do have a BA in Fine Art, & since i'm not busy making millions with my artwork, i'll apply. Lucky me, i got the job... Oh, did i HATE that job, i wasn't doing design, i was selling carpet for bathrooms (gross) & spare bedrooms. Now, i did do the occasional design job for new construction, but it wasn't on a regular basis, so most of my days were spent pretending to be excited about carpet fibers. Now, there was one thing positive that came from this crappy job & that is finding my better-friend-half! Christine & i knew we were meant to be friends within the first few minutes... ok, actually it took a bit longer, but that's because i was sitting next to the bitter fat chick & Chris's new desk was back by the bathroom. My manager was nice enough to tell the bitter chick she needed to train the other new girl & i would be moving next to Chris to train her! Score- i got a mental-soul-mate AND away from the bitter chick! Yeah, she was BITTER! .
After i had worked there a couple years a note came down from the main office- there was going to be a 401K, well i can't tell you how excited i was, i'd been meaning to get into shape for quite a while. You see, i was a runner in HS & also in college, i ran after college, and ran for several years on a very regular basis until i bought my 1st house... there was always something to do & i was so excited (it was a REALLY cute house) to decorate that i gave up running for painting & landscaping. But now... there is this company 401K race & i'm IN!! So i start thinking of how i should start training & how i should find out who all is going to participate. A couple days later a memo comes out to let us know that there will be a staff meeting to discuss this 401K- WOW, i'm excited, i didn't know this was such a big deal at the ol' carpet store! I said to Chris "so are you going to run in that 401K?". If i remember right, i just got a weird look & maybe a laugh that i took as "yeah...right". About that time my boss came out of his office & came over by our desks, because, let's face it- he had to think the job was boring too & we were the FUN girls at the shop! I start asking Mr. Mgr if a lot of people participated in the 401K "yeah, i guess", he says. Then i ask "have they done this before?", again "yeah". Well, then i start down the slippery slope, because by now YOU have probably seen the error of my ways... I start saying how i better start training & i'm pretty out of shape & i hope i can find some good shoes in a size 5 (NOT easy to do). Now, Mr. Mgr & Chris are starting to chuckle & i, seriously, have NO idea why. I keep up the questions & am going on & on about racing & college cross country & all the things that are making me look like a complete BOOB! Mr. Mgr & Chris think i'm just being funny so they're really yucking it up until... they realize... i have NO IDEA what i am saying & that i truly believe i am preparing for the road race of my life, not a savings plan...
yeah, a proud moment for me! Oh well, what do i care? i would much rather be funny than brilliant & apparently....
i'm in luck!!
AND if you found this funny, feel free to nominate me for the funniest blog:
i realize yesterdays post may have soured you a bit, but you KNOW i love the attention, so somebody... nominate me & then vote daily for me!! If you need to please review my VERY EARLY post about my uterus or my recent post about the blue jeans van...
and ONLY because i said i would, here are my UNfunny before & after pictures of bush & bushless... also UNfunny because there is poison ivy on my 1 boob... nothing funny there!
Before with full bushes
after the Brazilian...
Now, the front porch is going to be remodeled & new posts with stone bases put in & then it is up to me to come up with a stunning landscape... why do i get myself into these messes? Ok, i'm off to itch my 1 boob & get my kid out of the tub!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i interrupt this post for a STORM!

i tried all day yesterday to post but my connection was so poor i couldn't upload any pictures. last night i FINALLY was able to get on here, i got the tub filled for darling daughter and sat down & started to type when WHAMO- a storm blew up & scared the crap out of me. i ran into the bathroom, scrubbed DD a fast as i could, got her in her towel & the power went out! The mister was helping deliver some giant wood jungle gym swing set thingy to his 1 daughter's house. The daughter that just had the new baby... and speaking of the new baby...
here she is with her Aunt: The mister & his new granddaughter! When the mister got home the power was still out so we drove around like ambulance chasers checking out the situation. we were checking out the lucky ducks with power & then ended up at Taco Bell. Once we headed home we noticed our area still was pretty dark so when we pulled in the drive we decided the mister would plug in the generator. Darling & i were inside brushing our teeth by candle light when i heard the generator fire up AND all the lights came on, not thanks to the generator, but the lights really WERE back on.
Well School is OUT for the summer! Here is my darling on her 1st day of school:
here she is on her LAST day of schooland here she is with her last day of school treat from Mommy & Daddy- YUMMM!
We did some major landscape remodel work around here this past weekend, i'll have some pics to share tomorrow!
AND... i actually made some cute (thank you very much) girl's headbands in the art room, i'll try to get some pictures of those too...
Happy Tuesday!

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