Friday, August 20, 2010

1976 called, it wants its toys back!!

Oh girls, we met my parents last night and they brought 2 HUGE boxes of my childhood toys!
You can imagine the JOY and HAPPINESS on the Misters face!!!  He could hardly contain his EXCITEMENT!!! 
When I met the Mister his home was the picture of perfection, everything in place and not a bit of "decoration" sitting around, it kind of had that "no one lives here" look.  You can imagine how our home has blossomed since we got married!!  I, like some of you out there, believe that more is more (Oh, thank you Danielle for that quote:)!  I'm sure when he saw the boxes,  he was mentally putting everything away-- deep in a closet!!
Let me tell you this post is pretty photo heavy, so get ready....
Check out that groovy case!!

Some of my favorite outfits for Skipper!!
That pink coat with "fur" trim!! The corduroy skirt and jacket in the groovy stripe, the yellow ski jacket, the yellow and blue felt outfit... Eeek!

This is Mrs. Happy, Skipper and Holly Hobby + some babies and a velvet cat!
Anyone else remember The Happy Family?  I told my mom they must not have been too happy, cause the Mister is GONE!
I forgot I even had this!!!!
hours and hours were spent playing with this!!
Below are some cardboard room scenes... check out that decor'! 
Remember when those fireplaces were "the thing"?  I remember a bright burnt orange one somewhere when I was a kid and dreaming of the day I could have one of my own in my 
A-frame house!!

An entire plastic canvas house my Mom made for me...
Mom and baby are here, but I noticed her husband is gone too!!
Maybe her husband ran off with Mr. Happy family?...

How I loved this doll, can you tell?

have I ever mentioned I wanted to be a hairdresser?
a face only a mother could ❤love❤!!

I have some Raggedy Ann and Andy "stuff" I'll share with you next week...
What were your favorite toys as a kid?  Anyone else have any of these?
I must admit I shed a tear when I realized, I'm now VINTAGE....
Hope you enjoyed traveling back in my time machine!!
Have a GREAT weekend!!
We're headed over to the beach at Lake Michigan today.
**edit: after a kindly shout-out from Momof5, I realize my Happy Family is actually
 The SUNSHINE Family** 


Angela said...

Oh my friggin gosh!! I had Drowsy too! Oh I loved Drowsy- but not as much as the doll with the stiff legs that walked!!

Very fun post and I can not believe your mom saved all of that! I bet Darling loves it all!

Oh- and I saw something that is so you!!! I am about to go post it on my blog

Anonymous said...


Renee said...

I've loved Barbie's since I was a kid. My daughter was born in 76 and the first doll my mom ever bought for her was a Drowsy doll. I still had it and gave it to her for her daughter.

You have some great things there. I never knew Barbie had a ship, its so cute.

Your mom must be like me, I couldn't get rid of all the toys-but there have been generations of kids and their kids to play with the toys.

Melanie said...

Wow! I cannot believe your parents saved all of that stuff. There were five of us and my mom was not good at collecting, so I was lucky to make it out with pictures of myself! Drowsy doll looks like she might have been smoking something...

My favorite toy of all time was my Betty Crocker Juicer Blender. I think I always knew that I would have to be good with a blender to make my fabulous margaritas. I also have an original Star Wars sleeping bag!

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