Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh, I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!

Well, 1st of all I want to welcome all you new readers!!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how it feeds my narcissistic soul!
Yesterday my daughter came into the house with a box from SINGAPORE!  Don't you know it was a box full of goodies from the sweetest little girl (who is really a grown married woman, but she is a sweet girl to me!!).  I know she won't mind the term "girl" because I'm pretty sure she (like me) does not ever want to grow up!!
If you don't know sweet Zoe, head over to her blog and check her out...
Darling was SOOOOOO excited to check out all the goodies, read the card and EAT the Hello Kitty marshmallows!
All kinds of goodies!!
Cute t-shirt...I think she gets my style!!
(and so does this girl, head over and check out this post:

Cute donut coaters...or fancy eyeglasses?!
and this adorable bunny which went straight to my studio and is hanging right where I can see it everyday!
Thank you Zoe, you're a doll!!
Has someone surprised you with a wonderful gift or a thoughtful gesture this week? Have you done something special for someone else?
I like to think I'm doing my part by feeding my daughter and catering to her every whim... 
School? YES, please!!
(she goes back the day AFTER labor day)
I am always amazed at the kindness of other and the friendships that can build over a computer and spread all around the world!
I really hope this is my last day of icky photos...
this baby is suppose to arrive: TODAY!
IF you're interested, I got the Canon EOS 30D.
People tell me I will NOT be disappointed!
I bought it used from ebay and hope it works perfectly?!  I communicated a bit with the seller and feel good about it.  I just didn't know that I wanted to commit to over $1,000 for a new one... plus the Mister wasn't up for that!  We'll see how this goes.  If it makes my blog famous and my etsy store a million dollar success - I'll go for the newest model (and a house on water and a white Range Rover....).
Happy Day girls!


Vicki said...

oh wow such fun gifts - love them!! thanks for becoming a follower over on my blog xxx

Renee said...

I love your new "look".

Great gifts.

I have a group of on-line friends that I exchange Secret Santa gifts with. It is always so much fun.

Your daughter is so cute. My grand loves Hello Kitty and t-shirts, lots and lots of t-shirts.

♥zoe♥ said...

♥heeeheee♥You're such a WONDERFULLY CUTE friend I ever met in blogland! No doubt I LOVE YOU heaps! Whenever I stopped by your cute blog I never failed to smiled with your lil real life stories! Thanks for shout out and enjoy your fun goodies!!!


viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

Wow, she's a much better friend to you than me...I hope I don't ever have to live up to the standards she just set! Btw- groing up we had that same bunny (I swear) as one of those paper decals you hang in the window. We'd pull it out every Easter- talk about a hit on the old memory board!

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