Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My NEW ~*Baby*~

Look what came in the mail yesterday...
I'm hoping these will be the last BAD pictures you will have to view on my blog, but...
there is this:
the manual...or field guild as they call it- less scary than "manual", don't you think?...
see how thick it is?  ALL info about 1 camera!!!
259 pages of reading!
it MIGHT be said that I don't have the best carry through... 
BUT for now I LOVE my new camera!
Yes, I'm hugging my new camera
Yes, those are my PJ's
No, i'm not wearing a bra.
We'll saw how much love there is after I get into that manual, I'm sweating already...


BundlesofBlossoms said...

How exciting!!

Don't let the thickness of the book intimidate you....... Half of it is just simply filled with mumbo jumbo and blah blah blah stuff!

Have a happy day!

♥zoe♥ said...

WoW!!! Nice guarantee you'll loved it as much as I do! I used to complaint so much most of the times! How sucks and dump my compact sony camera and make him to get one so called PRO camera!!!

YAY!!! Our blog going to be VERY Famous though!

Jacey said...

I now have camera envy. I have a canon eos 400 and yes it is also my baby, for the first week or two I just stuck it on auto whilst I worked my way through the manual.
Have fun with it, looking forward to seeing your photos on your next post.
jacey x

~kjirsten~ said... so make me laugh! I love the new camera! Happy Picture taking! :D And Happy Reading! hehe


Romaine said...

Ummmm, that is why I like ONE option-point and SHOOT! LOL, I am too dang lazy to read through to use all the cool features. Good luck! ;0)
Enjoy your new strap! :0)

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