Monday, August 16, 2010


We're off to a local Amusement and Water park today.  I'm pretty sure they call it "amusement" because of the people you can watch at these places- if ONLY i had those secret spy glasses!!

(I don't think these would be too obvious, do you?)
I need to get a pair so I can take pictures without being punched by a toothless Grandma with a hot pink mow hawk!
Every time I ever took one of those tests to help me figure out what career field I should be in
Private Investigator came up!!
(I think being nosey helped lead me in that direction)
I'm sure it's because of the hours I spent watching this man!
(Don't you love how i sneak this image in at every chance i get!!).
Happy Monday and I'll be back tomorrow with tales from the park!
We'll get back to some art and crochet too because I've been hookin' away!

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