Monday, August 9, 2010

Art books and Magazines... OH, how I love thee!

I use to think I had a problem, you know... a little thing called "hoarding".  I thought that until 2 things happened:
1. I watched Hoaders and realized I didn't have blue tarps in my back yard covering old cars and butter tubs.
2. I found all of you other artists with ever more "stuff" than I had... but I'm trying to catch up, I swear!!
I have stacks and stacks of art magazines, but to PROVE I'm not a hoarder I've got a stack (or 10) of  scrapbooking magazines going to Goodwill (6 years worth my friends)!  Yes, I thought about keeping them and making rolled paper beads, but I resisted knowing full well I'd never do it!  But gee, now that I think about it...
So here's what I'm reading now and watch out, some of the pages MIGHT be wet due to drooling!
I just got this last night from a gal on ebay!  She was selling it to make room for new books, gotta love that!
I have REALLY REALLY REALLY been spending a LOT of time thinking about my blog and who she is and who she wants to be...
I have grand plans :)
I got this book from the same lady and had to have it because I THINK I can sew!
I can't, but I think I can...another problem I have!!
Ok, not really a book or magazine, but a catalog!  Stampin' Up catalogs are FULL of fabulous ideas and inspiration so if you haven't seen one and are into card making or scrapbooking, give it a lookie!
You can see the catalog online at:
and IF you want something email me at:
Ok, this last book...
Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures and ideas! 
If you like to make jewelry, go grab this, it will give you so much inspiration!  I've literally spent hours pouring over each and every page.  It goes in the car with me (when I'm the passenger),  and it sit ons my passenger seat when I'm the driver but know I'm going to be waiting somewhere for someone.  For a moment I thought about making a fanny pack to carry it everywhere with me, but that thought went as soon as it came- Whewww!
Seriously, I LOVE this book!!  Eye candy galore!
Book buying tips from me:
1. check ebay for awesome deals
2. Joanne Fabric and Crafts lets you use their 40% off coupons on books
3. Amazon used books- often like BRAND NEW!
So, what are you READING??
Any other art books that I MUST have??
Let me know!!


Sherry said...

Can't wait to see what all fun things you create!

Amber Zimmerman said...

First of all. . .lovely changes on the blog! Second - wow, you are going to have some wonderful chillaxin' time reading those books! Jealousss. Right now, I'm reading a Better homes and gardens 100 ideas REal Rooms decorating mag. Loving the ideas and color combos in it. Have a great monday girlie!

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