Monday, August 30, 2010

Have you met my weird-o friends?

No, not really!  Or maybe... I mean, I never take the term "weird-o" in a negative way, do you? I like quirks, I like unusual people, I like funny, I like creative, I like mischievous!  I like people that can laugh at themselves and I like people that don't have a lot of secrets- hey, I tell mine!!  I don't like boring, I feel the need to fill the space with chatter, wait- I always feel that need, but still, boring people BORE me!!
  Wouldn't you rather hang out with this... guy?
or maybe this one?
or...this cutie?!
maybe all these men would make your husband jealous?!
Perhaps this gal would be better
You could talk about your stuffed animal collection, as long as you don't mind the SMOKE!

I love how the Internet has connected like-minded people...  
Anyway, check out the links below and see 7 things about each of my very interesting pals!!



If I didn't include you in this award (AWARD-doesn't that sound prestigious?), don't be insulted, chalk it up to the fact I had a brain fart and just couldn't think of anyone else as I was typing out my list!  If you want to play along, grab the list, add to your blog and type in your own answers... or use mine if you're lame :)
No, I still don't know how to use my camera, I spent the weekend hiding in my studio (the pollen is about to take me down!) catching up on darlings scrapbooks, crocheting, and cutting the fabric for my camera strap re-do!


Angela said...

Thats funny! Aubrey and I love to dress up for Halloween and we always get an early start discussing what we are going to be - on Saturday we were talking about it and decided on "Pinkie and The Blue Boy" - so funny that you have that picture today of the guy in The Blue Boy costume - and here we were thinking we were being original!

considerthelillies said...

the blue boy costume guy looks just like a guy who dresses up as Peter Pan from the Tampa Florida area! My daughters would see him all the time at concerts in Tamp or St. Pete!

♥zoe♥ said...

Cutie♥*LOL*i realized tears coming out from my eyes and GOSH so FUNNY! Agree i hate hanging out with boring people! I WANT TO BE FRIEND WITH THESE GUYS & do you mind i post a link of this post of yours to my FB?!? I know you wouldn't mind because i loved to share these with my friends*hee hee*
I'm in love with this post so much!!! You made my day with wonderfully laughed out loud!!!


Funny in My Mind said...

When you have a bulge in the top and bottom of your bikini?
Well that is just fun.

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