Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michigan Adventure and a scarf, cause it's Michigan!

Yesterday we were at Michigan's largest amusement park, and honestly, I think it's Michigan's only amusement park, so it's kinda a shoe-in for largest.  Anyway... I, of course, was thinking of you yesterday and took a few pictures.  Now, of course, without my secret spy glasses (please send me a pair for Christmas!)
I could not get a lot of the pictures I know you would have loved to see... for example:
the man with the 1 giant dreadlock (it looked JUST like a coughed up hair ball!!)  coming off his chin!  It was HUGE and the Mister was all like "how does he eat with that thing?"  Well, we found out later when we saw it tucked into his shirt!  Although I wasn't able to take a picture of this dude, I did the research and this is a visual for you, pretend one of these dreads is hanging off a mans chin and you're got the mental picture:
The sexiness was EVERYWHERE yesterday. 
 There was the woman in the wave pool who had 1 side of her bikini top TOTALLY off of what it was suppose to cover.... HELLO!  The people that I'm positive were Edwards cousins (come on people, EDWARD from those vampire books: Twilight).  These WHITE people had NEVER seen the sun till yesterday, I took 10-15 pictures of them, but they were so clear they wouldn't even show up- weird, hun?
The men with pierced nipples, the crocs, the too small bikini's... it was a people-watchers paradise.
Since I do NOT have my secret spy glasses, you'll have to settle for these:
See how utterly GORGEOUS it was yesterday?  !
Lots of parents scream at their kids at amusement parks, that place was full of family love!
I handed the camera over to the Mister so he could take a ton of action shots of darling and I riding this super huge and scary baby coaster:
(we were in car #2...)
and that concludes our series of darling and I on the coaster.
Thanks honey!
Ok, I did get 1 weird picture.  See the girl in the yellow shirt with a kid handing down from her back?
I have NO idea what she was doing but she was dragging this thing around with that life guard dude, and that trash-sweeper dude.  We watched for a long time but never saw anyone giving it mouth-to-mouth or anything, so I think it was just a group of weird-o's.   See the nice man (below) on the right with his kid? He grabbed the kid by the shoulder and was like "don't you see that woman taking a picture of those weirdo's? stay out of her picture before I beat you!!" Parental love, it was ALL around!  Thanks nice man for only getting part of the way in my shot!!
All in all it was a great day even though on the way home I realized the ONLY ride I went on was the mini-baby coaster... Oh well!
Oh and Darling ate this yesterday:
1/2 cheese burger
1/2 order of fries
1/2 root beer float
(she and I split lunch)
1 blue gator-aid
1 bag mini cinnamon and sugar donuts
1 order deep fried crab cheese
1 deep fried egg roll.
Today she's eating only salad and fruit!!
and because I promised, my scarf:
How much do I love Debbie Stoller and her Stitch Nation?
Only 9 more rows on this baby!!
Have a great day!!


♥zoe♥ said...

Oh...scary! I can pictured how it looks like yikesss!
Funny lady perhaps someone or those weird-o's life guard please ask her put on her 1-side bikini it's so UGLY!
Sweet & Love the picture Kennedy with you. You always captured the funniest killing picture in real life*LOL*

OMG the scarf it's so lovely you go gurl i love the the bright color, absolutely look nice on you!


viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

Did that man really say you were taking a picture of those weird people? Isn't Michigan only made prettier by the people who aren't afraid to let it all hang out???

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