Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday... where have you been?

I don't know about you, but this week was NEVER ending for me!  Monday seems like 18 years ago!  Why is that?
I wanted to share some new pictures for some new listing in my shop.
Darling was my assistant yesterday
My favorite picture of the day...
Cute and maybe a little creepy?! haha!
This Cutie Cupcake is full of vintage goodness: vintage lace from my Gram's sewing kit, vintage buttons and a vintage tin!!
This is IN my etsy shop NOW!
Doll-face made her debut in eyeshadow pallet earrings!

A ~CUTE~ cupcake necklace with pink velvet trim!

A new Swarovski crystal pendant.
Hot Pink button stacker pendant with Swarovski crystals.
Tween Owl necklace with chain :)
We had to clip these necklaces in the back or they hung too low, so it's really NOT a choker necklace!!  See how HAPPY she is with her jewelry on?!
**don't forget today is the LAST day to enter my Crochet Today give-away**
***go to LAST Friday's post to enter***
Have a GREAT weekend!!
I'm off running with Darling today, I need to start blogging at night until school starts...
I go from feeling bad that I'm ignoring her to wanting to pull my hair out if she interrupts me one last time.  These years are going TOO fast, so I'm off to enjoy the day with her!!
I'll post the winner of the magazine tomorrow!!

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