Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet my new friend...

Don't ya love her?  She's my new etsy model!!
The Mister wasn't so sure what to think, but then again, he's not so sure about a lot of things I do and drag home!!
Did you realize sometimes the packing material is just as much fun as what's inside?
Doll face came with those foam "glasses" and Darling has been sporting them ever since and who doesn't love a good bubble wrap skirt?
Speaking of dragging things home...
We were coming home last weekend in the DARK and I spotted this baby along the road and my junk seeing eyes were pretty sure it had a sign that said:
So, the Mister, being the awesome husband that he is, pulled over and loaded it in his truck for me!
someone took a lot of time painting flowers on this bird cage and I hate to tell them, but...
I have plans to paint it black.
Apparently several birds have had this as their happy home.
Saphire and Xanzabar
Looks like a few just didn't make it...looks like lucky
Pickles was one of the last.
Maybe that's why they were getting rid of it?
Well, don't worry, I'm not getting a bird, I'm going to use it on my porch as decor'.
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lator tators!


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome bird cage, and to think it was free!!! I love roadside junk!

LuLu Kellogg said... hit the jackpot with this and GMTA...I was going to say paint it black!!!

Where did you get that head? I want one!! That is awesome!


SuZeFashion said...

Wow, what a great bird cage!

Sherry said...

ok that model is awesome! A little scary yes, but at least it's memorable!

Can't wait to see the bird cage after you get finished with it - I am sure that it will be beautiful!! said...

Three years ago I gave away a really cool birdcage just before the birdcage revolution hit. Never get rid of anything. Ever. Like the new background. It loaded up really quickly!

Angela said...

Great eye for junk!!

I love doll face and have seen her and her sisters in a couple of Etsy shops. The first time I saw them it sort of freaked me out!

She is a cutie though!

Love Darlings new look!

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