Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday we spent the whole day on the golf course, which is 2nd (in my mind) to a great junk shop.  This is darlings 2nd year taking lessons, I figure they will come in handy when she's a famous surgeon and has to entertain whoever Dr's entertain on the golf course!
Let me just relive my glory shot for a moment, because I'm going to be living off this fame for years!  We played a scramble -if you don't golf, that means 4 of us hit the ball and we take the best shot each time.  They had a scholarship hole where you made a donation to this scholarship and if you made it within this circle you won double your $ back.  Well, I gave her EVERY bit of cash in my wallet, I had a good feeling about this shot...
I hit my ball and don't ya know, right in the circle...
and then, right in the cup!!  Yep- I got it in the hole in 2 shots with no help from the others, these were BOTH my shots!!
Did I mention I had $2, so I won $4!!  Whoo-hooo, who is a high roller??!!

My little photojournalist for the day!
I just wanted to thank those of you that left such kind comments on my birdie necklace yesterday! 
 It really means so much to me!
I've got a few more in the works, all of them will be OOAK!!
Now, if I can just find some time to work on them... 
Anyone working on anything crafty this week??
Please share and if you'd like it to be featured on my blog, let me know- I'd love to share your art and/or your shop!!
Happy Thursday gals, the weekend is almost here...

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Romaine said...

The necklace is very cute-love the pink sparkles and dangles!

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