Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 things about ME... cause People magazine was asking!

Sherry over at  "Life, from my perspective"

awarded me "The Versatile Blogger Award" I am supposed to share 7 things about myself and pass the award to 7 other bloggers - so here you go! 

1. I'm don't eat hot-dogs or bologna after the tragic "Bologna Puke Incident" of 1979.
Although a big fan of pink, I'm not a fan of hot dogs and packaged meats.

2. God told me to adopt when I was a child.  He reinforced the idea by making sure I was shown a birth movie in 10th grade and again on TV when I was 24.
My daughter was born in China.
3. I've worked in a Spanish pre-school, a dentist office, 2 flower shops, 2  clothing stores, a drug store, de-tasseled corn,  subed for a maternity leave, worked for Kodak, sold carpet and owned a pizza shop.  I hated them all... ok, I didn't hate the flower shop or Kodak, but I love my job now!
"Head Goof-Ball"
4. I've always been a collector of stuff.  As a kid I collected: miniatures, Hello Kitty "stuff", stickers, stickers and more stickers (and still have my original sticker books which include Duran Duran stickers!), and rainbow "stuff". I'm too lazy to go take a picture of all this stuff and yes, I still have a LOT of it!
5. I don't camp.  I don't get it...
Sleep at home in my clean comphy bed,
 sleep in a moldy tent on the ground.
eat and cook at home where everything is clean and neat and convenient,
eat and cook around a campfire where it's a ton of work and theres sand in my food.
Poop and shower at home where 2 other people live
, or where 1,000 other people are pooping and showering in your same spot.  And have you noticed there is always wet toilet paper on the floor and sand on the toilet seat...
I don't camp.
(We stayed at a Hotel, we were visiting a friends campsite...)
6.  I have a BA in Fine Art, but still am not sure what my nitch is.  Maybe when my kiln gets hooked up I'll figure something out.
7. I remember when the internet was 1st becoming popular (thank you Al Gore for a great invention).  I thought "why in the world would I want that?  Isn't it just a bunch of information to read?" 
I seriously thought it was just like an online encyclopedia...
Now, I can't imagine my life without it!!
The inspirations
The friends
The blogs!
The next 7 lucky bloggers are..
and anyone else that wants to play!
If you do this, shoot me a message and a link to your blog and I'll feature you here!
Have a great weekend, my allergies are KICKIN' My butt!!....


Angela said...

I think you might be my long lost sister!

Except for the hot dog thing (but I eat turkey dogs)

Seriously though- the camping, the degree, the pizza shop, the child birth video...

We are the same person!

Angela said...

...oh and I forgot to add the collections and also the allergy problems...

...and wanting to be rich and famous...

...and our favorite hobby is thinking up ways to make money :)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Oh, how funny! The camping bit totally said it all. Camping-ICK!

I am totally going to do this-The Seven Blog- to post soon.

P.S. Thanks Angela for telling about this blog-I love reading it (wink)

♥zoe♥ said...

OH! You hate hot dogs??? I'm opposite i loved it since young i don't know why too*heehee* Did god told you your daughter must be a asian? Cutie are you sure you cook at home?? *teehee* I'm asking that because your kitchen is so clean just like mine and i'm so honest to tell you i'm a lazy cook person:) The camp thing i dislike it too....i love my bed too much just like you though!

Yes kill me please if the internet down!!!
Love ya and thanks for tagged me:)

Melanie said...

Aw gee. Hot dogs freak me out, but now that they make all-natural turkey ones, I'm back in the game. Camping always sounds like so much fun, but it's not. It never is. I don't want to be hot or near weird strangers. I pretty much just like drinking and talking late into the night. But I can do that here!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Well, I finished my "7 things" just now. I had a good time, too:)

Thanks for inspiring me to do one-it was quite interesting.

I decided I look like a crazy nut job, now, after reading all my peculiariarities, but just remember I was spotlighting them-HA! said...

Wait- me- Chris? Are there instructions? Do I get an award now or later? Is there a time limit? I eat hot dogs!!!!!I confess!!!! Oh, the pressure! Seven? I don't think there are seven interesting things about me....

Sherry said...

I LOVE that pic of you and your daughter - it's amazing how much yall do favor each other!

Also, my guest room and your room are twinkies - I have that same bedding and I love it.

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