Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

It's that time again, Random Friday!  I love Random Friday 'cause that's how my brain works and the rest of the week I have to WORK to keep my thought together.  

1. It's OFFICIAL: I am training for a 10K.  The race is May 14, 2011.

2. These were in the parking lot of our Hotel in Florida.
I was convince they had been used to kidnap know how I love my A&E crime shows.

3. I bought this the day after Thanksgiving, I have never turned it on....
I am scared of it....Honestly, I don't know what it does, but it involves my mac, so that makes me nervous.

4. I just ordered these yesterday, I got a great deal and I had a wad of Christmas $ burnin' a hole in my pocket
I went back and fourth over color forever, I wanted pink, but they were only in the short version. I like as much of myself to be covered as possible here in MI-it's COLD!

5. This is what we are drinking in our house now...Jorge (Jorge Cruise, The Belly Fat cure: ) told us to.
We drink the original, Darling drinks the vanilla.  The Mister is less than thrilled, he LOVES LOVES LOVES milk and drank WHOLE milk for years!

6. Margarine is 1 molecule from plastic, eat REAL butter people!!!

7. I think this is just about the CUTEST thing I've seen!

8. The smell of a dog just makes me CRAZY! It is in my Top 3 most HATED smells.  Yes, he is sitting next to me, yes, he smells HORRID, Yes, he is getting a bath today!
 He's lucky he's cute!!

9. Speaking of dogs
This shoe is by designer: Kobi Levi...haha!!

10. This is still for sale in my etsy shop:
I'm headed out to run, it's snowing...I'll be glad I did it when I'm done...
Have a GREAT weekend!


Lanyardlady said...

Love the handcuffs. Don't even want to go there. And the boots. If I didn't have feet as wide as boats I could buy shoes like those.

KJG said...

Hey! I will gladly share! I don't really blog much anymore, but I'm still glad to have a new follower. Thanks!
Here is the info:
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Meredith said...

so two things: smart move on the warm and toasty shoe purchase for sure. i LOVE mine. and: a 10k is a goal of mine. good luck!! you're brave girl! woo hoo! ;)

Frannie said...

Aw, what a fun post. Love that cute "stinky" pup. Adorable!

Angela said...

Very random, indeed!! I am so brain dead - while I was reading this I remember telling you that I needed to send you something-- but now I can not remember what it was that I was going to send you. I swear my brain is getting OLD! Now, I will have to look back through your posts and see if I can job my memory :(

Those shoes are cute and ugly all at once! I saw vintage cat ones the other day with whiskers :)

Angela said...

Oh okay, now I remember! Look for a package in a couple of days - I will ship it today.

chinamommy said...

Angela: you crack me up! i have the same brain :)
thanks KJG!!!!

Funny in My Mind said...

I love those running shoes.
I am going to start running soon. Maybe today. If I die, it was nice knowing you!
Cute dog! They always stink but they are so sweet with their big eyes.
We are going on our trip in Feb.
I will figure it out today but hubby wants Honolulu, not Maui.

Funny in My Mind said...

Uggs are the bomb.
Love them. You will wear those for many years.

Lala's Pequenos said...

Those dog shoes are amazing!! Thanks for posting!

Melanie said...

That dog is so darn cute! So are the dog shoes. Now if you could combine the cute dog and the A&E crime shows, all your problems would be solved. I kid!

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