Monday, January 10, 2011

Has someone seen my Brain???

 You know I have very little pride, I mean, I've already told you I tried to run in a 401K, I showed you pictures of me channeling Christian Sirano

 So why would I not share this... 
I've been trying to sweep my home with a vacuum that has a broken belt... ever tried it?  Let me tell you, it's a waste of time!  I thought my vac was just a piece of junk, it picked up NOTHING!  I, literally, was sweeping with the tiny little attachment and picking up large bits.  Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees!
 You might think I tried this for a few days.... but I'm ashamed to admit it's been MONTHS and MONTHS! Why I didn't ask the Mister to take a look at it, I'll never know!  I just kept rubbing it over the carpet and watching it pick up NOTHING! 
 I have these thick wool rugs 
see all the little indention's in this rug, you do NOT even want to know how full of bits they were AND we don't wear shoes in our house, it was HORRID!
Seriously, it's going to take a few days to get all the lint and fuzz off this baby!
They (the rugs) shed like a Siberian Husky (one of the worst shedding dogs according to google).
What my nightmares are made of:
Anywhooo, after finally have a nervous breakdown, I went to the Mister and told him I just could not take it anymore!  I was going to need back surgery in a month if I didn't quit bending over to pick up every tiny bit of stuff on the rugs!  Don't ya know, he flipped the vac over, removed the broken belt, bought a new one for $5 and we are BACK IN BUSINESS!!  Guess who has been vacuuming ever since like a crazy woman...
Yep, THE crazy woman!
Happy Monday!
Come back tomorrow and see what's going on in my crochet bag!


Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

Funny.... ;)

Amanda said...

Haha, glad you found the problem! :)

Lanyardlady said...

It's nice to have a man around the house...sometimes :)

Van said...

Love the fun pictures :D

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL, you are too much! I really love the pic of Darling pushing you in the stroller!

Your posts ALWAYS make me smile!!


Renee said...

No, you didn't channel Christian. He cracked me up on Project Runway ( love that show).

We all do crazy stuff, Glad you needed a belt. Have fun cleaning:)

Angela said...

OK- well then I will admit that I washed clothes for about 3 weeks with fabric softener. I thought it was detergent the whole time!! I kept thinking: "Boy these clothes are really soft." -- yeah that is what happens when you used a whole cup!! Also, I kept thinking my clothes felt kind of dirty and stinky after wearing them for half a day and I kept changing clothes...and doing more laundry. It was a vicious cycle. Finally one day while the wash was going - full of another load of clothes with no detergent, I said to Aubrey- "That detergent you got kinda stinks." That is when I found out it was not detergent and got ridiculed for "Not paying attention to anything." -- and he also said the "Snuggle Bear on the front should have been a clue." I was just like "I didn't look at the front. I didn't see a Snuggle Bear. I asked you to pick up detergent at the store and this was on the shelf the next day so I assumed it was detergent. I wondered why you got such a small bottle." Then, he pointed to the huge bottle next to it. "That is the detergent." -- hee oh I didn't even see that one :(
So I had to do all the laundry which I had just folded and put up all over again.

So don't feel bad. We all do stupid stuff!

Michele said...

Hahahaha! Mine is broken, too. I don't have carpet, tho. So it still sucks up pretty good.

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