Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kid Rock...Rocked!

Headed downtown for the concert, stopped in at TGIF for a pre-show cocktail
Good friend went with us...
 and of course, The Mister!
 How many opportunities does a 41 year old mom get to wear jeans like this?
 Kid Rock did NOT disappoint and Lulu, I think he took a shower before the show!!
 We were in a was SWEET and let me tell you, we could feel the FIRE from the stage!!

 Seriously, what is a Kid Rock concert without pole dancers??  "Hey Mom, I'm headed out on the road with Kid Rock AND I'm going to be a pole dancer in his show" you think her Mama's ok with this?
 Yes, our suite has it's own bathroom and you know I love good potty talk!
This guy sat next to us before the concert at TGIF's and don't ya know he was selling T shirts in the parking garage on the way out... I got a Medium cause the guy selling smalls got chased off by the cops- no lie!
Apparently the Medium in a concert Tee = XXXL
This morning I noticed the back...
American Bada$$??...yeah, I'm going to have a lot of places to wear that-ha!
Not like I was going to wear it out anyway...don't worry!
Ok, off to see a man about a tooth...


Lanyardlady said...

Looks like you had fun. I remember when I was young enough to have fun! Ha ha.

Angela said...

American Bad Ass - how funny is that?? Love that you bought a shirt from a guy in a parking lot. So random of you and that is why we all love Chinamommy!!

Renee said...

Looks like a great place to see the concert.

So, you didn't wear the tshirt to the dentist?

chinamommy said...

No, I didn't wear it to the dentist! ha!! If any of you ever have a blog get-together, I'll be sure to wear it!! or maybe my "I love to fart" t-shirt!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I saw the comment you left on my blog and you mentioned your dog, Teddy. Funny coincidence - before we adopted Elliott, his foster mom called him Teddy.

Looks like a fun concert. A sweet - how lucky you were!

Hope everything turned out ok at the dentist.

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