Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!

Good Friday... and by Good I mean I'm not going to freak out about the eggs, I mean it's not like you tune in because I'm Martha Stewart!
Here's what I did and if anyone REALLY wants the details, you know all you have to do is leave a comment and I'll fill ya in!
I'm in hopes the felt rose doesn't look like some weird nipple on the egg...
they're not done.... of course!  Let's pick up next Easter, shall we?
Ok, I have to get this girl to the Easter Bunny who knows if I have another year of her believing this... she's going to be 7 in July, my days are numbered.  She's my only child and so I have to stuff her with EVERY single happy childhood memory I can while trying not to overload her!  You know like the time I told her "go away I'm trying to document your childhood" while i was scrapbooking.  Yep, I can get a little carried away!
Today I have to get the bunny picture, finish that jelly bean foam house and dye eggs and then go to Target to replace the Cadbury Mini eggs... Those eggs and the Reece's eggs are my only big temptation out of the basket.  I got her one of those nasty waxy Palmer bunny's with GIANT ears- she WANTED it.  I never got those as a kid, we had to have "the good stuff" so my mom could eat it while we were sleeping!  I was always so envious of my best friend who got a basket loaded with 84 lbs of cheap candy!  When you're a kid who wants 5 pieces of $15 chocolates?  NOT ME!  I was all about quantity, NOT quality!
I leave you with a very happy Easter memory:
My Dad, who is not one to worry, came to me several years ago and asked if I knew why Mom wasn't home yet;  she taught an Adult education class.  I didn't know, so he said he was going to drive into town and look for her.  Again my Dad is NOT a worrier- he leaves that to my Mom, although since it says in the Bible worrying is a sin, she's calls it being "concerned" (don't be mad Mom, you KNOW you do!).  So seeing my dad is concerned I start to get a little worried, errr... I mean "concerned". I'm not sure  why is he surprised she's late getting home- we were never on time anywhere when I was growing up and now that I have a child I see why!  Anywhooooo- Dad and I get in the car and drive into town.  As we pass by the Hook's drug store I see her car and see her just sitting in the driver's seat, so we pull in.  She gets out of the car and comes over to us right away. As she starts to say "hey what are you guys doing here?", I stop her because the distinct scent of a PEANUT BUTTER EGG is on her breath!  What do you know, she wasn't being raped in the basement by some wild adult ed'er, she was shoveling those PB eggs as fast as she could in the parking lot of a drug store!  I don't think my Dad was thrilled that the one time he was concerned about her safety, he should have just been concerned about the arteries she was blocking!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your friends and families!
Remember, it's really NOT about the eggs!


Melanie said...

Wow. That is a great story. My mom most likely did that stuff too. With 5 kids, I'm amazed the woman got to eat at all, let alone yummy desserts and candy!

The eggs are off to a great start, but I need at least one finished product.

I tried to email you, but I got it back as incorrect. Is this right?

Angela said...

I have been knocking back Easter candy left and right! I can't blame you for eating Darling's candy. It is just too tempting!

I can't blame your mom either. I have been known to eat a whole bag of candy before leaving the Dollar Tree parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

Lori said...

Have a wonderful Easter! And don't forget to have a bite of that cheap Palmer bunny!LOL Your a doll! Love ya,Lori

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